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2/26/2008 2:48pm,
I am not sure if that is the correct spelling but I worked with this supposed ex SF guy, a supposed recon marine sniper, who learned at one point in his youth, before he went into the military a "Mongolian Fighting System" that he called "Sul Chin".

He claimed to have learned it from a guy named Vladimir who was a "scary russian dude" somewhere in Maine.

Apparently it is taught like Kung Fu in that you learn a series of movements with a single name, but most of them were very brutal like "slaughtering lambs" which he showed me, and to put it simply it was just an open palm to the face and then this football-like swim move to a headlock. supposedly being similar to the technique one would employ to slit a lambs throat with a knife.

Now, has anyone heard of this at all? I have google'd it and I find nothing on any Mongolian MA's and this person also claims blackbelts in taekwondo, aikijujutsu, jujutsu, and aikido. He comes off as a rather dilusional but I figured with a resource like Bullshido to verify or debunk him, why not ask.

2/26/2008 2:57pm,
There's the "hurricane of fists and elbows after too much cake" martial art, I think that's a different type of Mongol though.

*runs away*

2/26/2008 3:23pm,
Wikipedia lists Ujumchin as a style of Mongolian wrestling. Neatest wrestling outfits, btw.

2/26/2008 3:31pm,
How much were you guys drinking when you had this conversation? Sounds like someone may have been pulling your leg. Maybe Hannibal Lector Fu?

2/26/2008 5:56pm,
no drinking, this is what he told me during numerous conversations.

this guy is very unstable and delusional but i gave him the benefit of the doubt.

thanks all

2/26/2008 6:08pm,

Mongolian wrestling, good ****.

2/26/2008 6:12pm,
There's the "hurricane of fists and elbows after too much cake" martial art, I think that's a different type of Mongol though.

*runs away*

Cake?! I'll have some cake!!

Maybe i should change styles...

Oh, by the way, the video is good. Though, alot of showing off, i noticed.

2/26/2008 6:42pm,
I have seen a form of Mongolian MA that looked much like Kung Fu. I don't know the name of it, their was a demo of it at an MA festival in Korea that I attended many years back. They also had Mongolian Karate, that looked like Kyokushin.

Either case I'd be willing to bet that the Mongolian Kung Fu and the Mongolian Karate are both recent creations and not something with a long illustrious history.

2/26/2008 8:34pm,

Mongolian wrestling, good ****.
Right on!

Imagine what the style would be like if it had moves on the ground . . .

2/27/2008 5:52am,
Thanks for the input Ronin, I guess i can definitely call: