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2/24/2008 11:41am,
One of my best friends has been telling me for months that she has been taking "karate." Thinking nothing of this I never really belabored the point. That is until last night. We were watching WEC, when she said, "I could never compete in this using my art because I'm not training for a sport I'm training for the streets."

"Ya know, <friend>, you've never told me exactly what you're art is," I replied

"Bujinkan ninjutsu"

I disguised a laugh as a cough.

For the rest of the hour she explained how in the thai clinch she would work her hands in and attack pressure points in the armpits, or how she could roll out of any takedown attempt or how she was trained in the secrets of the shot to the groin. I asked her to demonstrate how she would "attack pressure points" from the thai clinch. I locked up a pretty good clinch for my total newbie abilities and while she attempted to attack my "pressure points" I landed 3 or 4 quarter speed knees to her midsection.

Her response was, "Well as I get better it'll be easier to do."

I rolled my eyes.

I was also treated to such gems as "Why aren't there more systema fighters in MMA?" and "In my dojo everyone rolls their sleeves up since on the streets no one wears a gi"

Problem is, she just had major life altering cosmetic surgery and she has never been happier. I just don't have the heart to bring her whole world down around her.

Here is a link to her dojo:

2/24/2008 11:49am,
If you are generally concerned that she will get in a self-defense situation and get herself hurt, then you should do something about it. Invite her to your gym saying "come and check out my martial art!" and if she refuses tell her you will go to hers too (and write up your experience here). Most people I've brought to gyms love the atmosphere, and luckily the people there are always really nice to them. Tell her to have an open mind and all that bullshit.

If you don't think that she'll get herself hurt, then shes happy and its none of your goddamn business. But if you are concerned of her paying too much for BS instruction, and that she'll get hurt, do something about it.

2/24/2008 11:50am,
"Friends don't let friends ninjer"

Have her sign up here, show her the dance of the "Sugar Plum Ninjas", and continue to show her how boojy is useless on the Str33t as you did before.

If that doesn't work, you did all you could. Find smarter friends.

2/24/2008 11:59am,
I know this situation all to well. You, as a man, will never convince of how silly what she believes is. That's why God invented submissions.

You bjj. Use it until she learns. You'll be helping her out in the long run.

2/24/2008 12:13pm,
Problem is, she just had major life altering cosmetic surgery and she has never been happier. I just don't have the heart to bring her whole world down around her.


2/24/2008 12:20pm,
Have a friend who started taking "ninjutsu" lesson and learning to be deadly for the streets and samurais. I had to listen to him spewing his crappy theories and retarded techniques for two whole months before I took matters in my own hands. Gathered a couple of my training buddies, from muay thai to Kyokushin, from bjj to judo and did a sort of throwdon/exchanging techniques type of thing for an entire afternoon. I talked to my buddies about his deadly and pretty much placed a bullseye on his back...so after getting beat up, choked and cranked he saw the light and is now doing muay thai and thinking about bjj!

PS- Funny thing but his ninjutsu instructor is a bad ass. the guy can actually fight...maybe that shows that certain guys are able to pull that stuff of, I guess!

2/24/2008 12:21pm,
Maybe I did the first portuguese martial arts intervention...hummm

2/24/2008 1:18pm,
I know the situation. I have a friend who's done BBT for some years, and insists that it's great and that she'll never do any other martial art. We got into a bit of a tiff when I tried to dissuade a mutual friend of ours against joining ninjutsu.
I honestly think it's easier with guy friends, since they have sensitive masculine egos which demand being able to beat people up. You challenge them to a fight, wreck 'em up, and see if they change their ways. Even if they don't, you still have the deep sense of satisfaction that comes with beating up a ninja.
I would also show her the Pat Smith vs Scott Morris fight and Hedgehogey vs the Dirt Ninja. Those are the only two fights I know of that feature ninjutsu practicioners against other martial artists, and they both end with the Ninjutsu person getting savagely beaten.

2/24/2008 1:23pm,
If your friend was going to run out into traffic you'd stop them right? Even if they thought it was a good idea and backed it up with nonsensical reasoning. There's not much difference here.

2/24/2008 1:30pm,
Some people just have to learn the hard way. I learned the truth about systema when I got my ass kicked by a little girl with Down's Syndrome.

Just kidding, I beat the tar out of her. And I am a serious advocate for my MA. None the less, it sounds like your friend would do well and learn much with a kicked ass.

2/24/2008 1:45pm,
Some other gems I just remembered

Her: We're taught to smile when we fight
Me: So you're taught to get your teeth knocked out?
Her: <confused look>

Her: I can learn enough grappling from the Bujinkan to beat a bjj person

2/24/2008 1:46pm,
It's obvious she just wants your dick. It's say go for it but the ninja undoubtedly planted some teeth/barbs/shuriken down there.

2/24/2008 1:57pm,
Her: I can learn enough grappling from the Bujinkan to beat off a bjj person

Thats probably closer to the truth.

Sam Browning
2/24/2008 1:57pm,
Considering all your trolling, SF Goon, when are you going to buy a supporting membership to help the site? And don't tell me your wife won't let you, since she already puts up with your internet porn habit.

Dinosaur AMP
2/24/2008 3:15pm,
show your friend the mount...

2/24/2008 3:24pm,
So, as you can see, the majority of Bullshido would like you to **** your friend, then live vicariously through your experience.

Anyway, my advice is basically the same as theirs, except without the creepy implied date rape part. Also, show her me vs. the dirt ninja.