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11/11/2003 4:36pm,
The thread is kind of self explanitary, im just curious if it is just my area where you get these idiots, or not.

You get a lot of people who say they do a type of MA and slowly there story changes, but a question is why, sure people may go "oooo wow" or something, but one day there gonna get some nutter who says "show me" or something.

It does kind of annoy me when people say they do, i ask them a few simple questions, and well, either change subject and in one case, jump over a wall..

You know any people like this?

deus ex machina
11/11/2003 4:38pm,
Yes. I prefer that most people don't know that I do martial arts.

11/11/2003 4:38pm,
of all the things to lie about !!!!
That's like faking an orgasm or lying about faking it, the only loser is YOU !!!

11/11/2003 4:40pm,
did the guy who jumped over the wall have on blue spandex and a red cape?

oh yeah, and a big "S" on his chest, he is the real deal d00d !!

11/11/2003 4:42pm,

I can tell you why it happens so much.

Most of the people drawn to martial arts are insecure geeks who got picked on one too many times in school, and did not have what it takes to wrestle or play a sport.

They flock to martial arts schools by the thousands in search for rezdly skillz that they could then use to get their revenge on the "cool" kids who play sports, get all the girls, and kick their asses.

Most of them, though, don't last very long for whatever reasons.

However, they are compelled to lie about being a deadly fighter to cover up their little insecurities.

This is a very common story. I've seen the happen exactly the way I have described.

11/11/2003 4:43pm,
:D @ the spandex thing <ahem> yes he did...

go round bragging that you do MA isnt that good of an idea, id prefer to suprise someone then tell them i do..

11/11/2003 4:46pm,
i never initiate a martial arts conversation or lead anyone to believe that i study ma unless they ask a direct question.

ma discussions inevitably lead to the cliched "show me something"
and then i feel bad after i whack them in the balls :)

11/11/2003 4:46pm,
I tell everyone I haven't done any MA for ages; I'm short, I'm ugly, I can't fight at all, etc... AND STILL, people who, as proven in their videos, can shoot laser beams from their eyes, won't fight me in a no-touch deathmatch!!

11/11/2003 4:56pm,
hells yes man this pisses me off, you ask what they study and they give you an answer like, i've done lots of stuff....then turn and walk away. This coming from a individual i'm positive couldn't punch there way out of a wet paper bag.

11/11/2003 5:12pm,
Never met anyone that lies about it.
Met a lot who 'oh yeah I did [art name] for [x] years and got my [color] belt'

And they indicate that of course they could still do everything they did then.

11/11/2003 5:23pm,
What FoM? said.....

WTH is a "no-touch deathmatch!!" anyways?

11/11/2003 5:34pm,
PizDoff: Ask the Kyusho-Jitsu people...

11/11/2003 5:55pm,
If somebody is bragging about studying this ma or that ma -- tell them your looking for a new sparing partner.

11/11/2003 6:02pm,
I never tell people I study MA. If they ask I say I do combat spots. That sounds a little corny, but MA conjure up images of people chop chopping while wearing pajamas.

The Crack Taoist
11/11/2003 7:12pm,
Why do you prefer people not know? Just curious.
I don't posture.. but I've had some highly entertaining
exchanges because I was candid about how I aqquired
the interesting bruises up and down my arms...

11/11/2003 7:29pm,
I've heard people lie about how good they were, but never caught anyone in a lie about having studied martial arts.