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11/11/2003 3:41pm,
Does anyone know anything about the kickboxing world here in hawaii? It seems to me that all the fights are rigged, and I don't want to take a fight that I can win decisively and still lose the fight if it goes to decision. I've heard that the promoters here are all out to promote their own schools and there is no subjectivity in scoring of fights.

11/11/2003 10:33pm,
Back in the seventies it wasn't rigged, but who knows now? I would sure talk to some people before signing up. Maybe the MT school (from what little I've heard the Giraldi Muay-Thai on McNeill seem to have a good reputation) would be good to talk with.

ps. Aloha bra, how's it? I'm 100% Hawaiian (atleast on the inside). I'll be back on O'ahu in January, probably be working out with Universal Kempo/Karate in the rec center in lower Kalihi (Kalaukaua). This haole loves hanging out in Kalihi. Specially when surrounded by martial artist locals!