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11/11/2003 9:22am,
On this day Nov. 11 2003, let us all take a moment of silence at 11 am, to remember the ones who have fallen so that we can be here bitchin and whining about nothing.

They deserve are respect.

Thank you.

11/11/2003 9:39am,
Nice, very nice... you have my condolences.

11/11/2003 10:19am,

i see now that you were referring to veteran's day. my bad.

i have already spoken with my Grandfather. Career Navy man, 40 plus years. Was in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed, Guadal Canal and damn near every major port in the world.
My other Grandfather was B-24 co-pilot with the 8th Air Force stationed in England.
i am deleting my previous post.

11/11/2003 10:21am,
Thank you.

11/11/2003 10:32am,
My father was a WWII cargo pilot and navigator who flew the Hump multiple times. My cousin's name is on the wall, uncles, aunts, a brother still serving , a nephew just sent for training... Veteran's Day is too important to forget. Fly your flag, whatever it represents.


11/11/2003 10:45am,
We OWE them more than most of us will ever understand.

11/11/2003 10:48am,
And if possible, let's display our national colors proudly.

11/11/2003 10:53am,
"so that we can be here bitchin and whining about nothing."


11/11/2003 11:30am,
Amen Ronin.

11/11/2003 11:38am,
And still the fighting doesn't stop....

"My father was a WWII cargo pilot and navigator who flew the Hump multiple times. "

11/11/2003 3:24pm,
To Dennis where ever you are...holder of the Navy Cross and Silver Star... Thanks

11/11/2003 3:27pm,
I'd just like to say thank you to all soldiers before me for the freedoms which I have and as I go to the middle east next year to fight for those freedoms, I ask that America keeps my comrades in her prayers.

11/11/2003 3:29pm,
Keep your head down and watch your six.

11/11/2003 3:31pm,

11/15/2003 12:36am,
I forgot all about Veteran's Day... and now I feel like such an ass. And rightly so.

11/16/2003 3:19pm,
I missed this thread on Veteran's day. Both my parents are WWII vets (and yes I mean WWII - they are in their late 80's my dad got drafted out of high school and my mom joined as soon as she got her nursing lic.) I never forget how many people faught and died so I could be here to bitch about my mundane life. I did enjoy spending the day e-mailing with a special veteran who was having a rough day as he dealt with the good and bad of veterans day. His insights and expiriences making me even more grateful to have someone like him protecting everything we all too often take for granted. I know I owe them more than I can possiblly understand. I thank them all, with special thanks to the wonderful man I spent the day talking to, not only for what he did but also for helping me understand more.