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2/08/2008 7:02pm,
Hi Everyone!

I got a huge block of text tellin me to introduce myself so why not?

Name's danniboi07, and my primary art is Judo. I started it when I was 6 years old, but stopped when I was 12. After doing wrestling in high school I gained a newfound love for grappling and martial arts. However, it took me until last summer (4 years later) to finally go back to my dojo. Thank God I did. I love Judo now more than ever.

I attend the BJJ club practices at my college to supplement my Judo practices. It really does help too. I may not be able to do well standing up at Judo (everyone my weight is a dan) but if I get them to the mat I can hold my own.

I also took a semester of Shotokan Karate and I have respect for it. Plus I got an A so it's a good GPA booster =P

One other art I practice is Capoeira. Yah it's become more of a game than an actual art, but it can be transformed into a decent fighting style. One thing is for sure it REALLY works on the cardio. I need that a lot too.

I decided to join this forum because I saw a link from JudoForum. This site seems pretty cool considering it welcomes all arts.

Heck I dunno what else to say but HI and I look forward to posting with all of you =)

2/08/2008 7:03pm,
We knew you could do it! danniboi07 posted, YAY! And if a bot is this rude, just imagine harsh this is gonna be. Hope you're wearing a thick gi.

2/08/2008 7:12pm,
In 90% of these noobie threads the general response is: do judo, or wrestling or do bjj. So Im at abit of a loss. Were you able to keep your judo rank after you went back? or did you have to start again but got fast tracked?.

2/08/2008 7:19pm,
I keep the same grade, but my old belt doesn't fit my new fat ass =X

So now I wear a white belt but I keep the old grade. Traditionally, at least from what I've heard, the belts go White, Brown, Black with different grades pertaining to each so I'm satisfied being a 22 yr old white belt with 10 year old blue belts surrounding me lol

Kentucky Fried Chokin
2/08/2008 8:03pm,
You were able to take Shotokan for college credtit? Where?

Lu Tze
2/08/2008 8:25pm,
Welcome to Bullshido.

2/08/2008 8:31pm,
You were able to take Shotokan for college credtit? Where?


We have a really old Shotokan club on campus and the instructor also teaches it as a PE course.