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2/07/2008 3:35pm,
I was a pure shotokan trainer when I came up here.

I thought "bjj was ghey" and "they couldnt touch me,I could knock them out before they get me"

Than after hanging around here I saw the awful truth and with the help of some people around here I started judo.But bjj was the real thing in my mind so I practiced BJJ with my friend and videos only.No instructor.
I must confess that judo is only "helping me to train bjj" so I dont see myself as a true judoka.

I first tried to train it myself (yeah true larping)

Then I wanted to see if the moves were "reasonable".So I tried them with my little bro (which is 13 lol.No force just wanted to see if they are applicable)

Then continued to watch videos and found a friend for me.And started to go to a judo gym.Then continued to train there.

On semestr holiday of university I headed Istanbul,my home city.

First I tried what I learned on a friend of mine which is clearly more powerful than me.And beat im for 2 times.

Then I tried the techniques on my karate instructor in Istanbul (which is also my friend)
He is 30 pounds heavier than me.We had 3 matches and I won 2 of it.In the other one we were just stabilized.I said him I could get out of there but I needed to punch him,and we had no gloves so we said it was a draw.

After that I had trained with a guy a little more pounds heavier than me but more muscular.And a little bit taller.He is brown belt on shotokan.I said "he could use all tachniques he knows" and I only used bjj only a few punches or kicks.
We had about 8 matches.I got them all.

At the last today our judo instructor told me to study newaza with a brown belt judoka.(I told her once that I was interested in BJJ and told her about it)
I must admit that he was younger than me and about 15-20 pounds lighter than me.
But man he was a brown belt judoka.He would own me and make fun of me I thought.
We had about 15-16 matches(which mostly ended quickly.I was tired like hell too.I rested too much on spars :D ).I got them all.
I used triangle chokes,armbars,naked chokes etc. It was awesome man.

I am not saying that "I am badass" "I own" etc.
I am sure of that if a noob white belt who trains with an instructor ,came and said that he wants to spar with me he would own me.I am not saying that I am strong or etc.

But man I am doing something "real".I never felt this real even on shotokan matches when we tried to do them with contact.

Now I know I can do something in a real fight.I now know better what is real and what is not.

I lack instructors.Not only in city also even in country.But I will continue to learn from videos and train it with people who desires.

I am very thankful to this site and the users.There are some dickheads though but I dont see them as true dickheads I just see them as "awful truths".

And I know this post is "ghey" and will be insulted alot,so I opened it on noob section.

And man I may have more than 100 posts but I am still a noob continuing to learn.

Thank you all guys.

2/07/2008 3:36pm,
We knew you could do it! Necroyunus posted, YAY! And if a bot is this rude, just imagine harsh this is gonna be. Hope you're wearing a thick gi.

Goju - Joe
2/07/2008 3:42pm,
Evan Tanner and I believe Jeremy Horn learned their basic Jiu Jitsu from instructionals and trial and error so it is very possible.

Congrats and steping out of your saftey zone

Good thread

2/07/2008 4:31pm,
Congratulations for pursuing verifiable skills vs perceived ones.