View Full Version : Some sh!t wrong with this site...

11/06/2003 11:32am,
I couldn't log out!!!!

I'm supposed to log in as Cheenook......

Guys, due to my recent conversion to Tibetan buddaism...I will not be into fighting anymore, instead I will promote peace.

I am now Cheenook-Lama instead of Cheenook-Sensei

11/06/2003 2:39pm,
"Some sh!t wrong with this site... "
You're on it.

11/07/2003 7:28am,
Wait a second... what?

The Wastrel
11/07/2003 10:48am,
Actually Alt, you can log in and out.

McDojo Artist
11/07/2003 11:11am,
Yup in and out,in and out,in and out,in and out,in and out,in and out.

11/07/2003 11:13am,
Long time no see... Welcome back or **** off, it's all up to you.

11/07/2003 3:05pm,
lol...nothing funnier than buddhists cursing. Well, I guess them getting drunk is just a tad bit more hilarious.