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1/23/2008 8:57am,
Hello all,

First Bullshido post obviously.

I've primarily trained in TMA since I was nine years old, but in the last three years have mixed in a great deal of crosstraining in "MMA arts." I'm pretty much at a place where I don't consider myself as belonging to any organization or style. If someone has something worthwhile to teach then I'm open to learning it.

I no longer train in a dojo, but now work out with a fantastic teacher and a very small group at the guys house. There are no fees, no BS and just good training.

I listed my primary art as the arts of the Bujinkan, as that is where I have spent the last 17 years. I found the write up Bullshido had on it pretty solid, but the Ninjutsu aspect was overblown. Most of what we drill and train in focuses on taijutsu or proper movement skills and has nothing to do with Ninjutsu. Pretty much ass clowns market it as Ninjutsu to get losers in. Honestly I associate myself with that organization less and less over the years. Something just fundamentally changed along the way and I never got the memo or something...

I think somewhere along the way most TMA that come from combative origins have lost their way. Once upon a time these arts were used to efficiently dispatch skilled enemies, who were often armed and intent on taking your life. One needed to have the proper martial spirit, physical strength and conditioning to fight these type of people.
These days TMA seems to care more about lighting candles and proper ways of bowing. You have soccer moms teaching classes to cops, and military, and you have black belts who can't fight their way out of a paper bag.
I'm honestly glad there is a site like Bullshido that comically jabs at the garbage training that is out there. They even make fun of MMA, which seems to be the preferred training style pushed here.
I look forward to many interesting debates and laughs on this site.

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BULL RUSH ON Fuzzyweasel!!!

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I to welcome you. So how come there are no fee's with the guy whose training you?