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1/16/2008 10:31am,
I learned that my plans have been pushed back a few months and that now I may be going somewhere else than I once anticipated. Since I'm remaining here for a while I started looking locally for something to do that would strenghten my overall martial arts goals. I currently live in Stillwater, OK, which has been a hotbed of Bullshido debates for years and let me start out by saying that I am grateful for the research you all have done in outing something of the crap that goes on in the town and for reaffirming the good places to train.

I want to learn something that will help me with whatever art I end up in later on after we move, and after a few days of searching through the limited options available I decided to go back to the good ole OSU campus rec center and train in MMA with Doug Stokes (the last time I trained there, which was several years ago, was with another instructor). Last night's class was incredibly packed, but a friend who has been in the class for several semesters says it thins out very quick. Due to limited space we did a bunch of conditioning drills and I was extremely pleased to see that my working out has been beneficial because I was able to push myself much harder than I expected. Overall, it was a great experience and I excited to get back into the mix.

We go for two hours a night, two days a week. In addition to the rest of my workout I can already tell that this is going to finish off getting me in shape. The best part is that it is VERY reasonably priced. Thanks again for the advice on stuff in area.

1/16/2008 10:32am,
So Crawfinski, you decided to go ahead and register huh? Cool. Don't forget to review your dojo (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=83).