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1/13/2008 9:00pm,

Just registered. I'm thinking about starting tai chi but want to learn the martial aspects. Any suggestions on style?


1/13/2008 9:01pm,
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Even then, don't get your hopes up, though the few that do legitimately teach the martial aspects are generally not shy about either bitterness in training or broadcasting how they are different than the usual run of taiji.

1/14/2008 3:18am,
What is it about Tai Chi that appeals to you?

Like Rivington has suggested, It will most likely be difficult to find the type of Tai Chi school that really does have dick to do with anything martial. With that having been said, why do you want to train tai chi in particular?

1/14/2008 7:41am,
Where do you live?

1/14/2008 7:09pm,
I'm interested in taiji in particular because I'm seeing it as a slow compliment to the faster-paced activities in my life. I'm not looking for a martial art first (I think this will manifest with the right teacher), but after reading, have come to the conclusion that to understand taiji, its mechanics need to be understood- leverage, weighting, posture, stance, interaction, etc... I'm not interested in a "light yoga-type workout" but rather to understand this art for what it is.

Upon further consideration, I have decided that any of the major styles are appropriate to learn for the above mentioned reasons, provided the instructor knows what he/she is doing and is willing to teach the complete art. I have a feeling that this is just going to require some trial and error. I live in San Francisco and Berkeley, CA. There has to be authentic taiji around here somewhere.


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