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1/09/2008 3:54am,
New guy

from michigan

If anyone knows of any bjj around adrian please let me know


1/09/2008 3:55am,
In spite of what some other web-sites would have you believe, we here at Bullshido.net welcome you, shark6, with open arms and hope that you will share with us your unique experiences and ideas on the martial arts.... so that we may then make fun of those experiences and ideas.

1/09/2008 4:32am,
thanks, oh can you let me know how i would go about proving my military experience so i can get one of those super groovy military tabs? Do I just scan my dd214 or do i have answer some super secret questions like, whats the third obstacle on the darby queen or who was big john or how many overpasses are there between msr yankee and abu grhaib?