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1/07/2008 4:46pm,
I was just wondering if anyone had ever heard of the school I train at. It's a TSA school in Maryland called Kicks Karate. The Master is John Bussard, who used to train at Kim's. Errant, I know you have have some knowledge of KMA in MD so I was wondering if you'd heard of it. The school is kinda McDojoish and I'll probably leave soon but neway...

1/07/2008 11:48pm,
I believe this is the website:

Emphasis on kids, different kiddie programs, even a section on careers... yeah has some signs of mcdojoism. Main thing is the kids - looks more like a daycare than a martial arts school.

1/08/2008 3:47pm,
yeah, thats the site
you're right, it seems like almost all the students are little kids or middle-aged
what part of LI are you from Eternal? I have family up there and am pretty familiar with it.

1/15/2008 10:48am,
Now why do you know if we heard of your school?

1/15/2008 11:18am,
For clarification, the Grandmaster Kim that this guy trained under is not the same Kim as the one that owns Kim's Karate that has branches all over Maryland.