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1/03/2008 4:02pm,
Whats up everyone. Another newbie here. Thought I'd ask for some advice for you guys that have been in mma. I was in a head on car accident about 3 years ago. stopped me dead in my tracks so I haven't been active since. I started going to the gym and have been easing back into it.

I called punch fitness today after reading some of the threads about it. Thought i would go to some of the conditioning classes 1st and then move into MT classes.

Anyone going to punch fitness. Any comments about the classes??

Any advice for someone starting out with some existing injuries? (I know to take it easy and listen to my body). Have a few disc herniations and a type 2 shoulder separation that hasn't healed.

I just feel like i'm getting worse by not staying active.

Advice? Comments?

1/03/2008 4:03pm,
BULL RUSH ON reevre99!!!

Drunken Bear
1/03/2008 4:08pm,
Welcome to bullshido.
WOW herniated discs & rolling around on the mats sounds like that could be bad for you. I've got 2 crushed vert from 2 seperate car crashes. I've done some grappling in the past but it just fucks with my back so bad that it's not worth it for me to do anymore.
Strengthening your core would be my advise, but WTF do I know.

1/03/2008 4:18pm,
Welcome. My 2 cents, talk to your doctor before doing any MA. Wheel chair fu would truly suck.

1/03/2008 4:39pm,
3rding talk to the doc. but *NOT* your doc, unless you doc is also a sports medicine specialist. doctor or not, people can have misperceptions and bad data and you need an expert becase MMA training is the hardest **** in the world to do.

as a data point i too have nasty back problems, and I've just been doing light bodyweight stuff. It sucks but healing >>> training. Don't trade all your future training for a little workout now.

protip: eat right. It's hard and unfun, but you'll see a difference. Check the physical training forum, especially the sticky.

1/03/2008 4:45pm,
A physical therapist might be more in tune with your injuries and the activities you can or cannot do.