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1/02/2008 8:09pm,

Above is the contact information for the Governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer. I got this idea from Frank Trigg to write the Governor to update the laws that make it illegal to host MMA events in New York State. Please help us in the effort to update these laws so we can get some MMA events in the Greatest City in the World. This would be an awesome display of People "MMA Fighters and Fans" to change these laws and bring MMA Events to the State of New York.

Please help with the effort and write to the Governor and say that you would like the laws updated and changed.

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1/02/2008 8:32pm,
Would be glad to petition. Anyone want to post up a smart-sounding write-up that we can all send, so we don't have a bunch of illiterate morons like me saying, "Yo Gov! We wants some MMA in da Garden!"

1/03/2008 12:24am,
Message sent. MMA in 2008!

1/03/2008 12:51am,
make sure to let them know you're a registered voter.