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1/01/2008 7:45pm,
It says on the Team Apocolypse myspace site that Dallas Cordts is set to fight in New Orleans On Jan 19th at 7pm. Any one know for what company or who she is fighting with a record of supossedly 18-0 and so on she should be up against a tough opponent. Also it seems that they have a ladies team join with team apocolypse. If you look at the pics it called ladies of Pain. I am wandering who believed her record after yall got her good on here. I put this in the fraud part just cause I believe she will back out or make up a reason she can't fight. here is their link. Their calender is back up and it is listed on there.


1/02/2008 10:13pm,
There was a recent show in TX where a female fighter from Team Apocolypse was scheduled to fight. She pulled out and did not fight however.


1/02/2008 10:30pm,
This site keeps track of upcoming MMA events nationwide. They have no listing of any MMA show in New Orleans on Jan 19th.


1/13/2008 4:19am,
Yeah,lol. We called her on it and she took it off her team page pn myspace,lol. She just wanted to look like a fighter herself I assume. Oh well maybe one day she will really fight and get knocked the hell out. This is the third fight I have heard of her either pulling out of or making up. I have known her for a few years before she was married and her real maiden name is Dallas Campbell her real record is 0-1 not 18 and 0 as claimed on here in previous posts here is the fc fighter link http://www.fcfighter.com/database . Just type in Dallas Campbell. I know after that fight she had gotten beat so bad I had never heard her fight again. I am just tired of hearing her talking **** all the time that she is a world champion when all she has ever had was one fight and got her ass handed to her at that!

1/14/2008 7:31pm,
:sniperdan :sniperdan :sniperdan I guess people are scared to bash her on here. I also noticed a few people that you guys talked about on here are no longer on the team. Like Josh hollywood hancock ,dale gill,dale grohler,and a few others. I have tried to contact all of them. Most wrote back with the same response that they quit the team and didn't wish to be back on it and that was it. One guy told me he left because Dallas would book him fights that never existed and upped his record severely so he "kicked rocks". He asked me not to disclose his name because he lives in Lousiana and he says Dallas has conned her way into being able to get fighters blacklisted there if she is pissed with them.

1/15/2008 12:51am,
well i noticed b4 that there was a few fighters on her page last year that were slated to fight in lubbock "where i live by the way" i think on december 7th. well lubbock is a small town and the fighting community is even smaller and when a show comes up we know about it. IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!! so i guess there is truth to what her ex fighters are saying about booking fights that dont exist.

1/18/2008 5:01pm,
I saw her one verifiable fight back in 2000 when see was "Dallas Campbell". She was fucking horrible. Who knows maybe after seven years she might be good now but I doubt it. She was fat and unimpressive.

She showed up with an obnoxious entourage who followed her around all night. When they announced her in the cage it took five minutes for the announcer to get through all her claims of various "championships" and "titles" that she claimed that she had won. We all figured that it had to be in kata's or point sparring because she certainly didn't look very athletic or anything like a fighter.

She fought a mediocre kickboxer who at least looked like she had some legitimate training. It was an amateur fight so it was all open hand striking. A couple of times she actually tried to do some kind of absurd downwards Karate style X block in defense to her opponent's kicks. The first time that see got slapped in the face she turned away (and I do mean slapped, it wasn't like she got blasted with some kind of devastating Bas Rutten open hand palm strike). It was obvious that she was never hit before in her life. The referee thought that maybe she had gotten poked in the eye so he stepped in and checked her out and then told them to continue. She immediately got slapped again and turned away and verbally submitted.

Here's some interviews where she reiterates her claims of being undefeated (with pictures where she looks as fat and unimpressive as ever):




I can't believe that she's got the nerve to claim that she's 18-0, the only place where she's 18-0 is in her active imagination. I wish that one of the people interviewing her would have asked her why they spelled apocalypse incorrectly since she spells it Team "Apocolypse".

1/18/2008 5:44pm,
I hate myspace.

1/18/2008 5:56pm,
Goldust, was her fight in Texas? If so, what show? I ask because until a few years ago Texas MMA was all open hand Pancrase rules.

1/18/2008 7:13pm,
It was Rage in the Cage in Arizona.



1/19/2008 8:16am,
RITC is a larger promotion. Is there video of her fight around?

1/19/2008 8:47pm,
I checked, unfortunately I don't have the video for that particular show.

1/20/2008 3:18am,
Their site does not have it either. :(

1/21/2008 3:36am,
Well guys this Kano guy posted a message on myspace calling out a person on Team Apocolypse named Cujo here's the vid. I hope this works.

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1/21/2008 3:01pm,
I double checked and I do have the video tape of Dallas Cordts(Campbell) one and only verifiable fight. It was just as bad as I remembered, she is (or at least was) fucking awful.

They announced her as the "4 time World Tae Kwon Do Kumite Champion" what ever that is.

1/21/2008 3:38pm,
Post that lol ! I gotta see this. Post it on youtube a lot of people on the team and beyond would love to see that.