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12/29/2007 11:37pm,
Has anyone heard about this martial art, Toa So Dou? yeah, neither have I, but human weapons Bill Duff studies it. So my question is what the hell is Toa So Dou? and don't tell me it's korean streetfighting ('cause that's all wikipedia said about it). If you can then please tell me where it came from, who made the style, what the ranks are, sanctioning bodies, etc.

Just curious.

12/29/2007 11:38pm,
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boondock lee
12/30/2007 1:03am,
To tell the truth, I haven't heard of this particular style, although I seem to recall some thing called korean streetfighting. You could of posted at the KMA forum, they might be able to shed some more info on the matter. OR you could contact Errant, he knows a lot about KMAs and might know about this style's details.
But if its good enough for the DUFFMAN, then ITS good enough with me.:biggrin::icon_chee

12/30/2007 1:10am,
cool. I'll try posting it on the KMA forum