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12/29/2007 10:23pm,

I made a few posts without an introduction, so here is one.

First, my "martial arts" background. I am 19 now, and I had a few years of karate as a kid. When I hit age 12 and started learning a little more about Bruce Lee and JKD, I decided that Karate sucked and quit. From there, I unsuccesfully tried to learn MA through a few books. Then, I got involved with a system based in Boston called "Boabom" for a year or two that turned out to be a Chilean cult. After that, I studied Wing Chun for three months in the summer. From what I have seen, it is much better Wing Chun than most of what is out there, more "alive", but still, I realized, not nearly live enough to actually make me a fighter, which is what I've wanted to be since I was 5 and why I joined Karate. So I have given up on the Wing Chun, even if I do see some practical uses for some of it.

I go to college in western Massachussetts, and the closest good school I seem to be able to find is a FMA school. I will be checking that out. I am looking into moving to a bigger city so I can actually pursue better arts.

So you can see that my brief martial arts history, like many I have seen here, was an honest attempt that I put a lot of work into, but close to a failure. That is why I have no style or school listed.

I have enjoyed the martial arts so far, though, because I am able to fully be absorbed by what I am doing. I learn a lot, I have to think and analyze (while still using muscle memory), and it takes physical effort. I love it.

About myself, I was raised in rural northwestern Ohio. I left high school a year early to attend Bard College at Simon's Rock ( http://www.simons-rock.edu (http://www.simons-rock.edu/) ). In one more semester I will have an associate's degree. My plans after that are undecided. I am studying a mix of economics and cultural geography, but I have no major and my options are flexible.

I like to weightlift (been doing for 3-4 months, went from 6' 110-115lbs to about 140lbs), hike/camp, run, play some video games when I have the time, and read online (current events, science & technology, economics, environmental issues).

My main academic interest, though, is in how human beings use arbitrary systems to define, interpret, and interact with their world (e.g. ontology, epistemology). Recently I have been focusing on how new social theory strongly resembles ideas found in Daoist thought like the Dao De Jing and Zhuang Zi, and how the latter two take the ideas even further.

I speak some Mandarin and German. I had a year of French in high school and hated it as soon as I was taught "le kangaroo".

I've really liked what I have seen of Bullshido so far. Though Boabom isn't huge, I will probably make a thread about my experience with them.

Okay, sorry for the long post.

12/29/2007 10:24pm,
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