View Full Version : If Yoshida wins, do you think Sherdog will implode?

Beneath Contempt
11/02/2003 7:06am,
I think it's a distinct possibility (Sherdog self-destructing - not Yoshida winning). I can just see it on their "Live Report threads"

RicksonNutrider: Wandy's pounding him, yeah! Rip that gi off Wandy!
NogNutrider: STFU N00b
RicksonNutrider: no, you STFU N00b
NogNutrider: no, you STFU N00b
RicksonNutrider: hold on...they're in a clinch...
RicksonNutrider: Wandy'd trying to knee Yosh. Get him.
NogNutrider: ****! Yoshida's taken him down.
RicksonNutrider: ****! He's got a sleeve choke on!
NogNutrider: .........
RicksonNutrider: He's out.
NogNutrider: He must have cheated....must have....
RicksonNutrider: My head...it's starting to.....noooooo!
NogNutrider: Ahhhhhhggghh! My brain's on fire!!
RicksonNutrider: S.....T...F...........U......Noooooooo

The Wastrel
11/02/2003 10:46am,
So true. But you underestimate the average sherdoggers ability both to nutride and to engage in the extremest forms of cognitive dissonance. The very next day, the most egregious of Yoshida haters would be denying it all.

11/02/2003 12:52pm,
The levels of insanity on that site are what keep me going back and reading all of the stupid ****.

It's good though.
If Yoshida wins, it's a work.
If he loses, he's been working the whole time.
If he pulls out, he was working but doesn't wanna get beaten.

Anyway, I'll crap my pants if Yoshida wins. I have much hatred of Wandy. (mostly because he destroyed sak multiple times.)

11/02/2003 12:58pm,
GO Yoshida!

Deadpan Scientist
11/02/2003 1:46pm,
Yoshida has no chance.

Striking > grappling

11/02/2003 2:45pm,
But doesn't Yoshida know anti-striking?

Deadpan Scientist
11/02/2003 3:02pm,
If by anti-striking, you mean blocking one of Silva's knees with his face and getting KO'd, then I'd say you are correct.

11/02/2003 4:48pm,
Ivan told me that yoshidas core strenght rivals bob sapps, like his grip because he is mad strong.

11/02/2003 4:49pm,
Josh said the same thing as well.

11/02/2003 5:28pm,
If Silva were to wear a gi it would be no question...gi-less...
I am not sure. Yoshida is the better athlete. You don't get a gold medal in Judo with out being crazy strong...especially as his weight class. I say Yoshida may very well win.

11/02/2003 5:38pm,
I wouldn't underestimate Yoshida's chances, either -- not saying he's a lock, but I'm not counting him out.

11/02/2003 5:53pm,
Good old anti-striking!