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10/31/2003 7:40pm,
i train for mma but i just recently just went to a kyokushin karate school in ohio and was totally blown away by how awesome the art was i learned things there in one night that my instructor in muay thai who was a very succesful thai fighter and is from thailand did not teach me ive also trained at the phukin camp in thailand for two weeks straight but some of the kyokushin guys kicked harder than any other thai fighters ive ever fought so im thinking about taking it up what do you guys think does anyone know anything about this art? i didnt think karate had a true bad ass striking style
hear is a link to where i train muay thai at [URL=http://ohiomuaythai.com]

10/31/2003 9:50pm,
Good schools and bad schools in any martial art. Switch it up, see what works for you. Lots of people like Kyokushin. Don't forget to TEST what they teach you -- some karate schools aren't overly fond of mixing it up with anyone other than their type of karate.

10/31/2003 9:55pm,
here's a good article on kyokushin


Sensei Mak
10/31/2003 10:59pm,
Originally posted by Noodlepower
here's a good article on kyokushin


good link thanks

11/03/2003 2:28pm,
I heard about that too. Oyama beat up a thai kick boxer.

11/03/2003 3:26pm,
Is this your instructor:

If so there is your answer.

11/03/2003 3:46pm,
Man that's messed up! I thought I posted that image wrong when it disappeared, but I went to the site and it looks like someone took it down since I posted.

I PRAY these events are NOT related. Because that would be the lamest thing I ever heard!

11/03/2003 6:33pm,
my thai school is pretty good

11/04/2003 1:33am,
I here some of the breakaways such as Seidokai, Seido Juku (less sport orientated) and Daido Ryu (not sure of the last one) are awesome too.

11/04/2003 1:42am,
Personally, I feel that it is not the school or style, but the practitioner that truly makes the difference. Some fighters' bodies are better suited to do different styles... for instance, I am a pretty big guy. I weight 205 lbs, and though I'm fairly limber I can hardly see myself going airborne and hitting someone with some of those really impressive-looking TKD kicks. If you find someone that kicks harder than anyone you've ever seen, simply try to find them and train with them. See what they're doing differently. But remember, it may not be suited to your body...Chill out, relax and let the adventure drive you.. keep your eye OFF of the ball.

11/04/2003 9:47am,
my thai school is pretty good

Nope sorry and here's why. Before your coach took down his picture this is what I saw. A Large man who was in no way fit enough for REAL Muay Thai fighting. Also he was wearing the pads of an amateur fighter! WTF is up with that? Why would you learn from an amateur? Also the wife/assistant has no idea how to throw a Thai Round kick. She is leaning back using her foot and not even affecting the bag! In short your School as represented by the photos on it's own site is not "pretty good" please give a real Muay Thai school a chance before you dismiss it.

11/04/2003 6:40pm,
i dont train at tonys gym if you read my post my trainer is the old thai guy you can see his picture if you look in the site and hes not good? why does he personally go down to cincinatti to coach rich franklin before his fights he may be old and yes any healthy young person could probably kick his ass but he is the best coach around these parts. A good fighter cant always translate his skills into coaching well, but sometimes a shitty fighter can coach like a guru the picture you were reffering to is tony mosley and yes he could kick your ass in no time

11/05/2003 12:16am,
First I'm sorry I thought you were training in a Gym run by amateurs. I don't think anyone should be subjected to that it really pissed me off for a second. If you are training with Master Lek good for you.

As far as Tony goes, I'm sure he could kick my ass he outweighs me by about 120 pounds. But, 6 amateur fights in 7 years is in no way impressive. I've had more fights than that in the last 1 year which included 4 months off for a broken arm! And unless Jane is posing that is a crap kick, also who the hell wears shoes when they hit a heavy bag?

11/05/2003 12:54am,
Who the **** cares if your wearing shoes while kicking a bag?

I mean what fucking difference does that make? And don't give me some bullshit like it's easier to kick with your shoes off, becuase i'm going to tell you when your break your toe it's going to be a bitch.

Also who walks around barefoot all the time? Are you going to remove your shoves before giving a guy a roundhouse to the head?

I do see your point, I would probably catch that kick and throw her to the ground.

So you are right about his wife sucking ass, but I have never seen him fight so I don't know.

Don't just discredit the school becuase the guys wife isn't a champion.

11/05/2003 2:41am,
i never really did enjoy the kyokushin way's just seemed brain washed and the way they threw their kicks was just not as powerful as hard core muay thai guys, such as the fairtex guys, now they are hard core.

but if anything do what u like man, if u love it give it a try, all u will gain is experience. this is just my obersvation, it could be a good school, the guys i saw threw hard kicks but not as hard as the muay thai guys.

11/05/2003 4:51pm,
WhiteShark im sorry for saying tony could kick your ass in no time i dont know if that is true or not i just got a little upset about your statement my apologies. sometimes my ego gets in the way like anybodys i hope you guys will understand im training to be a pro fighter so if someone says things even if they dont mean it i sometimes take offense ive just got so much pride i travel all over ohio to train with franklin, jorge gurgel, coleman, and simms so when someone says my gym sucks it angers me because i know what it feels like to work hard and think your good then to practice with the big boys and realize hey bud youve got a long ways to go so i think that we as a whole meaning us martial artists who seek the truth in combat should be compassionate towards are fellow practitioners because you dont know where they train and it shouldnt matter as long as they put the effort in to training in what is real WhiteShark im sure when you made those comments that you made you didnt know the caliber of fighters i train with and i know you didnt really mean what you said at this forum we all get caught up in this **** talking me included and i think sometimes we should just step back and say im wrong i apologize and bow out in honor so WhiteShark i apologize and retract any foul comments i made towards you