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Deadpan Scientist
10/31/2003 4:28pm,
Ok, I know I'm going to regret making this thread because I'm going to hear abiout pat's deep and meaningful hippie-beatnik sex at woodstock, but lets hear it!

Where was the craziest place you had sex?

Here you go ronin69....

10/31/2003 4:35pm,
Inside a fabricated cave in a derelict outdoor putt putt golf course in the middle of the night. I think hobos slept there, there were tons of newspapers everywhere.

Blockbuster Golf and Games used to be a huge hang out for me when I was younger. It was definitely cool seeing it all torn up and dark. I was expecting to get hacked up by some serial killer though.

Deadpan Scientist
10/31/2003 4:42pm,
Hobo sex... I would expect nothing less from you.

10/31/2003 4:48pm,
Moving car, with me driving and her between myself and the steering wheel.

I could've easily ended up in the darwin awards for that one.

I was young (just before I turned 17) and pretty damn reckless.

The Wastrel
10/31/2003 7:23pm,
I could get in so much trouble...

10/31/2003 10:55pm,
moving vehicle, him driving me on him...

The bathroom at my job when I was still in High School... (the real kicker was that I worked at a "Christian Conference Center")

numerous rest areas between Seattle and Bellingham, WA (mostly the womens bathroom)

docks over Lake Whatcom in Bellingham, WA... half a dozen or so people within site, full moon... cold as HELL - some bats flew over head while we were going at it and I screamed like a GIRL... we kept going

And last but most definately not least... Djimbe fingered me until I got of in a grocery store... good times... good times...

Yup, I like sex.

11/01/2003 1:20pm,
...you really think that 'we' actually have done 'it'? Damn, BSS, you seem to think highly of 'us'.

[& TigerFly, your post makes me want to do 'it' with everything that moves in the vicinity. The non-moving ones are saved for tomorrow.]

11/06/2003 12:44pm,
Between the 2nd and 3rd intercostal.

11/06/2003 1:06pm,
Keinhaar has just made my day. May the Lord bless and keep you.

Deadpan Scientist
11/06/2003 1:14pm,
I made this thread specificlly so wastrel could tell his stories, but now he pussies out...

11/06/2003 2:19pm,
Between the coccyx and the perineum!

11/06/2003 3:40pm,
Better late than never, here goes:
Helicopter over the CN tower

11/06/2003 3:45pm,

11/07/2003 3:00pm,
....in the palm of my left hand...usually I do it in the palm of my right.

11/10/2003 10:17am,
In the butt... *blinks* Heh... Yea... MOVING ON!

Anyways, The strangest actual place... well... I suppose said above is strange enough correct, but added to that was.. in the woods, while our friends were sitting at a campfire nearby.

Hmm... where else? OH! A Victoria's Secret changing stall thing... Good sex too. *shrugs* Okay Now that I have humilliated myself, time to leave.

11/10/2003 2:06pm,
"A Victoria's Secret changing stall thing"

I think just about everyone did that :)