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12/15/2007 3:52pm,
Holy fucking ****.


Quick and dirty Babelfish translation.

A notice that shakes the world of the fights. The band-black color Ryan Gracie, 33 years, was found died na cell where capital native of São Paulo was imprisoned in a police station in Is Pablo after to have been accused with attempt of car robbery yesterday na. according to Secretariat of Public Security of the State of São Paulo, Ryan was alone in the cell.

The GRACIEMAG.com if solidariza with the Gracie family and must come back in briefing with more information on the death of Ryan.

In accordance with the site G1, Ryan was directed for 91º DP, after to have carried through toxicológico examination in the central IML for return of 2h30. It arrived at the police station of the Leopoldina Village at 3h. according to delegated of plantão of 15º Police station Daniella Ranna, where he was registered the bulletin of occurrence of the athlete for stealing an car and trying to steal a motion, it it was directed for 91º DP because the place is a transit police station. Of there, it would be directed for the place “mais indicado”.
In accordance with the SSP, for return of 7h, when the policemen of the police station had been to make the magazine in the cells of the prisoners, had found the fighter fallen in one sings. They had entered and verified that it was died. For return of 10h, connoisseurs of the IML already were in the place to make the examinations necessary and to direct the body for the institute."

12/15/2007 4:04pm,
Carjacking, motorcycle accident, drug overdose, he'd be doing 5 years if he had survived.

Still a shame, but wasn't Ryan known for pulling stunts like this in the past?

It is Fake
12/15/2007 4:18pm,

Welcome to Bullshido.