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Beneath Contempt
10/30/2003 4:32pm,
For me it's a dead heat.

10/30/2003 4:36pm,

There are still Elvis sightings to this day. When was the last Bruce Lee sighting you've heard of?

10/30/2003 5:07pm,
Elvis is overrated by his hardcore fans and WAY underrated by the general public. Because he died a badly overweight addict, he is considered a joke by most people.
The guy had one of the best rock'n'roll voices in history. Listen to his early Sun records stuff, before the record companies got him to tone it down in order to appeal to a bigger audience.

Is Bruce Lee overrated ?
I don't think anyone argues he wasn't in amazing condition.
The whole 'he'd be taken to the ground and submitted' argument is total rubbish considering photos have been posted on Bullshido of him applying armbars on the ground in practise. This was 30 FREAKIN YEARS before the UFC made ground fighting famous. The guy didn't put that stuff in his movies because it doesn't make for good movie fights.

The only way I think he is overrated is when people believe size doesn't matter and he could beat anyone. Thats hardly Lee's fault. I was talking to someone last week who was honestly arguing that Tito didn't stand a chance against Jet Li in their 'Cradle 2 the Grave' fight. When I pointed out that Jet himself said HE didn't stand a chance their answer was, 'he is too humble to say he'd kick their ass'. Right....

Sensei Mak
10/30/2003 5:17pm,
Id say the point that Lee's size didnt matter was a good one. It is hard to compensate for 100 pound weight difference. Lee definityl had the power to make up for a big weight difference but I dont know how hed hold up in a pro ring against a modern pride or ufc fighter. He was definitly ahead of his time as was elvis. Hard to say which one is overated.

10/30/2003 6:07pm,
If you're referring to Presley, I'd say Elvis.

If you're referring to Sinosic....

10/30/2003 6:51pm,



Certainly there was no music like his in america at the time.

Sensei Mak
10/30/2003 7:04pm,

10/30/2003 7:15pm,


You do know I was kidding right? I mean the UAE, I'm pretty sure they didn't even exist then.

You do know who the UAE is right?

10/30/2003 7:25pm,
Being just another cracker I probably never heard of the blues or jazz (to a lesser extent), which contributed to the development of rock n' roll which, was then made mainstream in america (aka white) by Elvis?

10/30/2003 7:46pm,

10/30/2003 10:32pm,
if it wasn't for Lee, many of us would be wearing nicely pressed gi's with beautiful belts tied around them, looking all pretty and cute, while some streetfighter would be serving us our own ass !!!

10/30/2003 10:37pm,
Bruce Lee was a decent fighter. He was fast and he was knowledgable. He also preached good ideas about mixing martial arts and being practical.

He wasnt the greatest fighter to ever live .. not even the greatest fighter of his time. He knew that too. He looked up to guys like Ali and Walcott. He never claimed to be able to beat those guys. It wasn't his fault that people made him some sort of a martial arts god.

That being the case, I think it is malicious for people to run around claiming he wasn't good at all. He was a good teacher, he trained Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris. Dan Inosanto respected him, go call Dan a nutrider when he has some sticks in his hands. He was a good fighter, there are at least a dozen seperate fights his friends have documented in detail. There has never been anyone but Wong who has stepped forward and said, oh yea I beat Bruce Lee. Wong's story is disputed by witnesses who were there, including Linda. She has no more of a motive to lie than Wong. It's her word against his. Her testimony is available. Besides, Wong just says he was holding back, even he doesn't claim that he had Bruce beat. This doesn't mean Bruce was undefeated like Rickson and all - it just means there is nobody who can say, yea I tore that little dude up.

The guy was not a poser. He was good. He was a cocky little bastard at times but he was a movie star, what do you expect. Does he have to be friends with everyone who sees him on TV? Also, he had to keep an image up. It's business. Then again Jackie Chan is the friendliest guy in show business and he does okay.

Bruce's friends claim that he said he thought his hand speed put him in the same league as guys around 200 pounds. I'd say that isn't a stretch, I mean, in a real fight the neck is a legal target, the groin, etc. Lifting weights doesn't make your balls stronger or cover up your arteries. Keith Hackney punching that guy in the balls repeatedly in UFC 6 or 12 or whatever was about the time they made it illigal in NHB events. That is pretty much the only time in UFC history that shots to the balls were seen at all and they worked like a charm.

All I am saying is that a little guy who dodges every punch you throw and hits faster than you can blink has a shot at you even if you are 60 pounds heavier than he is, I believe that. [Bruce was 5'7 and 145#] Still though, if the big guy is fast then what are you gonna do. Vitor would rip Bruce a new one.

He grappled. One of the fights they talk about him getting into on the set of Enter The Dragon (see the documentary Curse of the Dragon) ended up with him on the ground choking the guy with a headlock until he gave up. Was he as advanced in grappling as the Gracies? No.

Whatever, nobody has to believe he was the greatest of all time to appreciate him. I think Bruce was everything he claimed. He just isn't everything every Jr. high kid claims.

I think it's just a case of "big man's disease" really. All of you hulkamaniacs don't want to believe that all of those hours in the gym didn't make YOU invincible. It isn't about Bruce being invincible, its about you.

Face it, odds are there are guys half your size who could kick your ass. Oscar DeLehoya and Roy Jones Jr. come to mind.

I remember Tank Abbot saying about Vitor Belfort's fight with big ass Forozzo, "Roy Jones Jr. aint gonna beat Mike Tyson. (Tank was a commentator) Then Vitor won inside of 30 seconds. Then Vitor beat Tank the exact same way. Haha! The kid is fast and that can make up for size sometimes.

10/31/2003 1:49am,
bruce lee had better movies. elvis had better music. fashion sense? i would say it's a dead heat.

Beneath Contempt
10/31/2003 11:59am,
In terms of fashion sense, they were both pretty awful - I think Bruce edges it with the worse haircut, but Elvis's costumes were pretty wierd stuff.

They both have loads of impersonators / worshippers - so that's no different.

But why do Elvis impersonators always dress up as Las Vegas Elvis with the white suit and flares? You'd think some of them would do the younger one.

10/31/2003 12:11pm,
Question: Who was sexier at death?

Beneath Contempt
10/31/2003 12:33pm,
Neither. They're both still alive, hiding out on an island with Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy.