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Sensei Mak
10/29/2003 11:34pm,
When you think of BJJ do you think of a family oriented enviornment of smiles and enjoyment? No, usually that is what you think of when you hear the word "karate" or "Tae Kwon Do". Why is BJJ at the head of what is known as "affective styles"? Is it because the style itself is just plain better than others? Or is it because of the type of people that are attracted to the sport?
If you ask me a big part of the success that BJJ has seen as a style is the public view of the style itself. It is not a family oriented system. It is geared towards "real fighters". And so if it is geared towards those types of people who is going to be attracted to it? Real fighters and those with the intention of being so. Most karate type schools have become watered down family enviornments, which is okay in some respects, but not when it comes to the validity of its fighting effectiveness. People who want to train hard and fight hard arent going to schools where belts are the goal and sleepovers are a regular occurence. They are going to places where the mats are dirty and the people are sweaty.
I dont think its so much the fundamentals of the style, rather the purpose it is portrayed for, which is UFC, hardcore type fighting. Which will bring in the hardcore type people.

10/29/2003 11:42pm,
Why not? Not that I go to a BJJ school atm, but obviously yes, Little Tiger's Karate School is going to be more friendly to a family than say....Machado JJ.

Though I DO recall hearing of a "kids" division in submission competitions. It is becoming more and more a acceptable thing for kids. Though I wouldn't send mine to a Vate Tudo school but I would him to a BJJ school.

As long as he has a girlfriend... :D

Sensei Mak
10/29/2003 11:44pm,
Im not saying its not acceptable...rather that more serious competetors are going to be attracted to schools that arent geared towards profits through promotion and families.

The Wastrel
10/29/2003 11:49pm,
Basically, you have this question:

What makes schools "tough"?

Dependent Variable: toughness quotient

Theory: Schools are tough because of their participants, therefore:

Independent Variable: toughness quotient.

So as participants become more "tough", so does the school....

....*Golf Clap*

Sensei Mak
10/29/2003 11:51pm,
and that they gravitate towards BJJ due to the tough reputation it has

The Wastrel
10/29/2003 11:54pm,
You should do more brain kata.

Darting Fingers
10/29/2003 11:55pm,
Thats common sense Mak. Why would a serious fighter take a class with someone who teaches twelve yearolds on thursday afternoons? They choose schools or simply train with people who are serious. I don't understand the point you are making, unless it is simply pointing out the fact that a BJJ school is goung to be different to "HAi-YA Karate Club for Kids" at the local scout hall.
Also the fact that you say that its not family oriented, I disagree. The style has been cultivated within a family unit. Just because Little Johnny doesn't run up to you after class and say"I learned to do a front kick today!" but says "I learnt to pass the guard and do an armbar" doesn't mean ****. Both when put side buy side are equally harmful if done correctly but your giving in to a pre concieved view of something simply because of the way you have chosen to see it.

Sensei Mak
10/29/2003 11:57pm,
the arguement is that the success BJJ has had on hard fighting forums such as UFC is not so much because of the techniques that it contains but more on the type of people that have been attracted to it

The Wastrel
10/29/2003 11:58pm,
So...BJJ has awesome success and attracts tough people...thus leading to its success.

Sensei Mak
10/29/2003 11:59pm,
right...and the fact that so many people say that its the "style" is what im arguing against..because the style itself isnt much better than any other ground fighting style.

The Wastrel
10/30/2003 12:03am,
You mean other ground-fighting styles with a reputation for toughness like Sambo, Luta Livre, wrestling, shootfighting...

Yes, it's clear that these styles have nothing technical in common. The only shared characteristic is practitioners with Viking hearts, Herculean bodies, and Animal instincts.

Sensei Mak
10/30/2003 12:04am,

The Wastrel
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