View Full Version : Lanky/Tall versus Big Guy with +70 on me

12/03/2007 9:08pm,
Well, as the thread title states, my BJJ class has really big people. Like, really big.

To start off, i'm 6'0 and 160 lbs, so I'm really lanky and it's hard for me to pull through big guys who I let have side control by accident. All they really have to do is jump on my face and twist my neck with their hands. I have no idea if that's actually BJJ, but it works.

I tried searching the forums for something with little avail. Any advice for a guy with less than a year experience to conquer Godzilla? Generally, I aim to take the back or to make him off balance and sweep from half guard which I can get back very easily, but it only works sometimes, and they can literally bench press me off, lol.

12/03/2007 10:11pm,
Keep going to BJJ class until you forget all your Aikido.