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12/03/2007 8:28am,
So, despite me thinking that this town SUCKS if you want to train MMA instead of TMA, there actually IS a MMA club here! They whole scene is a bit small around here , and their website is rudimentary at best, but they did link a few videos.
Do they look like i should start training with them or just keep with my kicking and boxing?
As far as i know they're the only ones in town who do anything resembling BJJ.
Since i know **** all about grappling i'd like your input here.

The guy in the black shorts is from the local club. His opponent's coach does pretty much nothing but scream obscenities.

Grappling fight between club members

Stand-up fight

So, does it look like i should give it a shot?

Edit: Because my first paragraph didn't make any goddamn sense

12/03/2007 9:24am,
Whilst not super impressive, you could do alot worse. Was that guy going for a flying triangle!?!. Atleast they got a ring!

12/03/2007 12:40pm,
Well, i got into contact with one of the trainers and he straight up confessed that they exactly aren't a high-class club. He said they all mostly come from boxing/kickboxing/BJJ/wrestling backgrounds, and pretty much anyone who's got a will to train and is not a complete asshat is welcome to join. And their basic course is a whopping 100, which covers the 3-month course and a year's membership. And as i said, they're the only ones who do BJJ in town.
The point here is should i just train with this bunch, or mix and match TMA's.
I get a rash every time i train kata or do compliant drills.

12/03/2007 1:37pm,
Well, at least it sounds like they are being honest.

And maybe you should get that rash checked out, it sounds like herpes. ;)