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10/28/2003 1:42am,
Ok, I need some help with this, I just came up with it.

I'm facing my opponent. I run at him.

Then I leap in the air and hit him around the midsection with my...... "cup." While wrapping my legs around his midsection using my momentum and weight to bring him down, hopefully on his back.

If it doesn't work then he's in my guard.

What is this one called? I don't want to wait until class tomorrow to find out. Thanks guys, I treasure each one of you deeply inside my heart.


10/28/2003 1:55am,
Sounds like a Lou Thez press from pro wrestling.

10/28/2003 2:04am,
flying Von Erich abdominal leg scissors

10/28/2003 2:08am,
I'm also concerned with another aspect of this takedown.
Should I wear my spiked cup with the happy face over my tights or underneath?

Deadpan Scientist
10/28/2003 8:33am,
Osiris: Piz is asian


10/28/2003 8:45am,
Unlike some of you, I don't find myself hard when fighting men.

10/28/2003 9:44am,
This cup always works for me!

10/28/2003 9:47am,
sorry man, you didn't invent that move

my girlfriend uses it on me all the time, sans cup

Mr. Mantis
10/28/2003 10:55am,
Sounds like the "flying butt pliers" to me.

10/28/2003 11:45am,
Gotta get myself one of those.

gong sau
10/28/2003 11:59am,
Originally posted by PizDoff
Gotta get myself one of those.

Set of flying butt pliers?

The technique sounds an awful lot like "Jumping Guard" to me...

Beneath Contempt
10/28/2003 12:57pm,
I think Salma Hayek does it on James Bond in a massage parlour about 40 minutes into "Goldeneye".

She's much rotter now, 10 years on.

10/28/2003 1:08pm,
Dumbass, Salma Hayek is not in Goldeneye!

Famke Janssen is though, and it's a steam room.

Omega Supreme
10/28/2003 5:55pm,
Yeah, that's the Lou Thez Press.

10/28/2003 7:47pm,
Hmmm, since I'm Chinese, I'll call it
"Blossoming flower entangles tree and implants seed."

Sensei Mak
10/29/2003 3:00am,
Originally posted by Osiris
Rough sex.