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Matt W.
11/14/2007 1:33pm,
Being LE, I get all kinds of info about crimes that happen. For a while now I have toyed with the idea of posting one or more of these accounts every week for discussion of self defense issues. Due to confidentiality issues (and my job security, LOL) I have put the accounts into my own words and removed any confidential or identifying info. Here's the first one, in quotation, followed by my commentary.

Residential Burglary

A middle aged female victim was doing laundry in her home when an unidentified man pushed open an access door and forced his way in. The man grabbed her and pulled her deeper into the house. The woman was able to get free, run away and lock herself into a room, where she called 911. The man continued to ransack the house, before he left. The womans children were asleep in the house the whole time.

Couple things, though the info is not given, I think we can safely assume this lady was not a trained MAist or RBSDer. Yet simply resisting was enough to save herself and get away from her attacker. OTOH, there's no way I could have left the attacker alone in the house with my kids. (Admittedly, she may have locked herself in her kid's room, but that's not the impression I got.) If she had run for a weapon, she might have been able to protect her kids as well as herself. So, IMO this is a prime example of where gun ownership could have made a big difference.

Edited to add: And lock your damn doors, people!


11/14/2007 8:36pm,
Well sounds like she had an unlocked window for one. Big no-no number 1. Secound she obviously had no situation awareness.No-no number two in an unsecured location.

thorthe power
11/14/2007 8:56pm,
Wow....thank God everything turned out o.k. for her. As far as situational awareness is concerned though, I don't think many people stay tactically aware in their own homes (especially middle aged moms).

I've "war gamed" these types of situations with my wife and sixteen year old son many times....but until a person lives through that kind of stress who knows how they will react.

Scares the **** out of me just thinking about it...especially while I'm working.

Calling home now.

11/15/2007 1:11pm,
I think about this kind of stuff everytime I walk out the door. That's why I make sure the house is secure before I leave and woe be unto them that are in the house with the doors unsecured when I return. I firmly believe that there is no better home defense (aside from an armed patrol) than a big dog. That's why Sampson (115lb Akita) watches over my flock when I can't. I carry my weapon (para 1911) with me everywhere except when I'm at work (stupid federal laws) but I haven't yet got my wife hers. Hopefully, that will be rectified at this months gun show. Aside from that I try to inject just the right amount of paranoia into the family to keep them on there toes.

11/16/2007 5:35am,
True story: One day I was taking a shower, waiting on my cousin (an ex-Marine) to get to my house so we could go work out. Mom's at work, so I don't think much about just poppin' on out of the bathroom in my birthday suit because my room's right across the hall. So I get dressed and then I walk into the living room to find my cousin sitting in my armchair playing Gears of War. First thing he says to me, "Hey Naked Boy." Aside from the homosexual undertones, what scared me most wasn't that he snuck into the house using the unlocked patio door, but that I had walked past him where he would have been in peripheral vision and just wasn't paying attention. From that day on, I've stopped taking showers. I'm never gonna get caught with my pants down again.

Matt W.
11/16/2007 11:45am,
He came in a door, Malk. That much I can confirm. It was an unlocked or open door and he just pushed his way in.

Also, I've been told that Res Burg (burglary when a resident is at home) is a precursor activity for other nasty things like sex offenses. Guys that are only interested in taking your stuff will not risk a break in when someone is home.

So, is this cool? You all want me to keep posting one of these every week?

Sam Browning
11/16/2007 12:13pm,
Definitely. Plus you aren't limited by confidentiality the way I am :) I only have low level drug cases. eight ball? eight ball?

11/16/2007 1:13pm,
Definitely. We could all use a little extra paranoia in our lives. Plus, I'm sure we all have holes in our security that may be highlighted this way. Keep em' comin'

11/16/2007 1:49pm,
So, is this cool? You all want me to keep posting one of these every week?

This is great! Not to sound like Tony the Tiger, but definitely keep this going.

11/16/2007 3:17pm,
Keep up the good work. post more i like the weekly blotter idea.

11/26/2007 12:16am,
This was very interesting, and made me check all of my windows. I think a weekly version of this would be sweet.

11/26/2007 1:40am,
Matt I want an new thread for anew week.

Matt W.
11/26/2007 1:33pm,
Hey, it was crazy with the holiday so I couldn't get to it! But I'll get one up this week. Soon as a "good one" comes my way.

11/26/2007 2:00pm,
looks like a cool thread man. Look forward to the next installment.

11/26/2007 6:47pm,
thanks matt if i can find you in a diffrent thread i'll + rep you there