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10/24/2003 8:34pm,
Have any of you guys played "body shots"? Stupid testosterone fueled game where you punch only at your opponents chest. I really did not understand how this game worked and got my ass handed to me today. Any of you guys encountred this? Any tips? Do you think throwing one knuckle punches would violate the rules?

10/24/2003 8:35pm,

10/24/2003 8:38pm,

play ro sham bo(sp?)

take it in turns kicking each other in the nuts until one of you drops

10/24/2003 9:06pm,
Sounds like that was taking turns getting in free shots as opposed to boxing for a few seconds. In training I take a lot of hits far worse than anything in a stupid game with friends... you guys really think its dangerous, or this is a freak accident?

Mr. Mantis
10/24/2003 9:23pm,
Originally posted by ClintEQ
you guys really think its dangerous, or this is a freak accident?

From the article
Sudden death from a blunt blow to the chest is rare, but not unheard of, according to research by pediatric cardiologist Steven M. Yabek of Pediatric Cardiology Associates of New Mexico.

If executed properly, you can perform a heart compression shot. The heart goes in a spasm and does not pump blood properly.

also from the article

...symptoms are linked to a condition called ``commotio cordis.'' It most commonly involves impact to the chest wall from a baseball, hockey puck, softball, lacrosse ball or karate chop, according to Yabek.
Although the injury is not well understood, it is thought that a strong impact to the chest causes the heart to lose rhythm.

Emphasis added

Deadpan Scientist
10/24/2003 9:55pm,
Clint, you have been sadly misinformed as to the nature of the game "body shots"

Tequila, lime, and salt are the main ingredients in the real game...

10/24/2003 10:46pm,
Lol, Brand, yeah, and a beautiful lady. Osiris, I understand the game now. At the time, I didn't... so I put my guard up to protect my face and took some 30 odd shots to the chest in confusion. The guys all just go for speed and power... not paying attention to targeting, technique, etc. Not something I am used too. So I figure... just try to go for the solar plexus?

10/24/2003 11:22pm,
the Dim Mak, it WORKS!!

randomly, but it works.:)

10/24/2003 11:32pm,
Theoretically any martial art or contact sport can be considered deadly. Even non contact sports like figure skating can potentially be life threatening i.e. landing wrong on a jump and cracking your head on the ice. So I don't think the freak accident aforementioned in the article should cause us to worry about our training.

10/24/2003 11:49pm,
Slap-boxing is one thing.

Going around punching somebody in the chest full contact (i.e. "open chest") is another. I too played it as a child and teen. If was fun.

But...I don't think that for adults, especially adults who train to punch hard, it's a good idea (unless of course you hit like a complete bitch).

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10/25/2003 1:13am,
By the way.....I posted that link for perspective.
I anticipated the various pseudo-masculine responses.

Masochist that I am.....

10/25/2003 1:38am,
I'm beginning to wonder whether your cranium is vacant Osiris.

10/25/2003 2:54am,
About going to the body during sparring -

I usually notice that my opponent (or myself), starts head hunting and looking for the one shot knockout when they get get gassed. Combinations stop, working the body stops, and defensive motion stops.

However, going to the body, particuarly at the tail end of a combination in which head is emphasized, seems to be very effective to me.

Last week during sparring, I went push kick lead, jab, cross, at which point my opponent started backing up with his hands raised. Then I landed an unexpectedly sweet roundhouse to the ribs which dropped him. This is a combination I see alot.

10/25/2003 7:25am,
David Blaine "played" that with some Londoners in his latest/last project "above the below" no doubt an idea of Harmony Korine's.

10/25/2003 4:11pm,
that death was probably caused by commotio cordis. i read an article on it for my pathology class. they think the concussive force affects the electrical rhythm of the heart, resulting in its inability to work properly. it's rare, but not unheard of. it's more common in children or smaller frail people.