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10/29/2007 4:40pm,
well, hello all, I am very new to this site, not just new but very new... :D
anyway, my purpose of joing this site was or is to find out more about martial arts around the world by listening (reading) to all these tallented folks out there and the martial artists that have spent many years in their field of studies and hoping I can learn something in a theoretical fashion and see if I will be able to choose one from the great many martial arts in this array / realm.
thank you for having me in your group and looking forward in chatting with you folks.

btw: I have absolutely no skills in fighting, I may even **** my pants if someone approaches me with a bitter beer face..


Tom Kagan
10/29/2007 9:21pm,
Culled from:


I urge you to please lurk and stick to newbietown for awhile until you get a better feel for the site.

11/01/2007 3:03am,
lurk in the darkest corners, like a NINJER