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10/23/2007 9:42pm,
I am trying to get a carry permit in Indiana. I am looking at getting a SAXD and the man at the shop told me I need a permit to transport the gun to and from the range. He said the cost difference between a target permit and a carry permit is very small, so I might as well get the lifetime carry permit and be done with it. Then, if I decide I want to carry, I'm all ready to go.

So I picked up the application and it asks if I have ever been convicted of a crime, including DUI. Well when I was 20 (I am 27 now) I was convicted of misdemeanor for possession of stolen property. (Long story short, I bought a computer from a guy I worked with, it turned out he was stealing from the company. I quit the job right before the police busted him, he gave up all the people he sold to, I got a call and did not know it was stolen, was told to plee or they would charge me with a felony and I would go to jail. And I was too stupid to get a lawyer.) What exactly do I put in this box? I really don't remember any details on this court case, I kinda put it out of my mind as a bad experience and a life lesson to never talk to police without a lawyer present.

Is there a way for me to get this information to fill in? I assume I have to report it, and the application says lying on this form is a felony, so I dont want to screw around. Can I call the court house and have them look up the dates and what class misdemeonor it was?

Do you think I'll be denied a permit? Even the target shooting permit requires this info.

Don Gwinn
10/23/2007 9:56pm,
First, you don't need a CHL to transport a gun to and from the range in Indiana.

Second, there should be some indication on the form of what crimes are included in the prohibited area. I don't know that offhand for Indiana, but generally misdemeanors don't count.

I had no idea that Indiana requires a "target shooting permit." That blows my mind.

10/23/2007 10:02pm,
The permit I picked up looks like this. I still have to find out how to do the lifetime thing, because the person at the station was not sure, and the indiana.gov website says that a lifetime is 50.00 vs the 25. I plan to eventually carry once I become more acustom to and get more experience with my soon to be new XD.


10/25/2007 2:14pm,
Check this out, and see if your plea counts against you. (http://www.nraila.org/GunLaws/#?st=IN)

10/25/2007 8:24pm,
It looks like I will not be denied for it, but I do have to list it, which means trying to track down the details of the year and exact charge to fill out on the form. A pain in the ass to be sure.

11/16/2007 8:14am,
I always thought that Indiana was one of the least restrictive states around, unlike IL, etc.