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10/21/2003 9:34pm,
I updated my very basic MMA page yesterday. It has up to date win/loss stats. I explain at the bottom about how these stats are according to sherdog and ufctv, concerning professional nhb events and not random challenge matches.


I'm pretty shocked that Travis Fulton and Jeremy Horn have so many fights under their belts. What do they do, travel non-stop from event to event?

Anyway, if anyone knows of any accurate stat pages then let me know and I'll put a link to it on there. This page is mostly just for me to keep track of things for myself.

I have a link on there for Bullshido. Heh. :D

10/22/2003 12:33am,
Why the hell would someone use this and not Sherdog?

10/22/2003 12:36am,
That's what Wastrel said.....

It's his fanboy page, leave him alone.

10/22/2003 5:22am,
JH and Fulton basically have been fightign for ages and yes they have fights every other month

10/22/2003 7:08am,
Because it took me like 2 hours to find all of those stats using slow ass sherdog on my slow ass dial up AOL with the IP number listed above. Why would someone root around on sherdog for an hour or two when they can just go look at all those stats right there?

I'm not a fan boy, I'm a fan MAN baby!

I like keeping up with the news. Sue me. Kick me in the nuts. I'm still going to do it. Ya can't stop me.