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10/19/2007 3:49pm,
...that is the question. I'm quite convinced that I'm the reincarnated incarnation of Sir Ghengis Khan. I may be new to this site, however, my martial lineage spans centuries and perhaps beyond to the first biped, bad arse above simian to tread the earth at the dawn of mankind.

In this life of mine my formal martial arts training began in the 4th Grade in Tang Soo Do where I experienced great day care. I trained and competed for two years in a club while in the Army with no real formal focus- so we learned from the various black belts across shotokan karate, tang soo do, Tae Kwon Do and Kempo Hawaii 5.0 Flavor- we eventually got co-oped by Kuk Sool Won where we trained and competed in an early MMA style format. I've done years of Army Field Manual 21-150 Combatives training to include boxing and wresting (which I hated). I've done a bit of Shoalin Long Fist and Wing Chun - which I didn't really find any practical value and I'm finally settling down in doing Kick Boxing as a means to sustain my waning vigor as I trapse deliberately to my decripit end.

I'm past my prime- but train to serve as a role model for my manly midgets so that they can follow the true path and, ideally, not get their milk money lifted or becomes someone's locker bitch as they toil through prespubesence and adolescenes.

What I have learned in my martial arts career is that you are as good as you are now and not per how you wuz and that sparring is not fighting. Also, that a certain style isn't superior- it is really how folks train in that style. Styles/schools that spar or roll realistically typically have a more practical perspective of their art and learn practical combatives...that is why I think styles like Judo, boxing, kick boxing, wrestling and Jujitsu lend to more practical applications and reknowned practioners. Styles that train soley via executing forms and patterns and combating air are not combative applications of martial arts and thus the results...in shorts, styles don't suck- how you train suck. Ultimately, it all comes down to the individual- just because a weenie in your style or school is rocking it- this doesn't make a body a bad-arse by association- that weenie is a bad arse, you are you whatever you are worth dumb ass!

I'm way past my prime- but still find training fun. It is harder to put on my groin protector with my depends- my diminishing bladder and sphincter controls hampers my ability to fight continuously in sparring- however, I manage to control tempo and work out the young and eager punks who seek to measure their sacks against my ancient fortress. Thus is the folly of youth- getting laid is a more peaceful way to resolve such internal strife- however, the ring seems to suffice...


10/19/2007 3:50pm,
We knew you could do it! tkojiro posted, YAY! And if a bot is this rude, just imagine harsh this is gonna be. Hope you're wearing a thick gi.