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10/10/2007 10:17am,
Very interesting forum here... It makes my day go faster knowing I have some good reading material to go through all day long. I have a couple of quick questions though. So mainly you guys focus on people who give false credentials and schools that have strange ways of doing things right? Can't say that I have stories as of yet, but I wanted to make sure I don't fall into any of these catergories.

See, I've been training MMA for 2 years. I've trained and sparred with many pro and ammy fighters in my area during that time. Done a little ammy muay thai, but I haven't fought MMA yet due to reoccuring injuries. I also have personally trained a couple of ammy MMA fighters to a few wins in the cage. Now I don't give out any false credentials or call myself an "MMA Champion", but my school that I started training at 2 years ago now has me teaching the MMA classes. I still train everyday, been to quite a few seminars and have a good knowledge of stand up, grappling, and conditioning for fighters. I have been successful training other ammy fighters and know what it takes for fighters to be successful but I make sure I tell any prospective student what my true credentials are. So since I haven't fought MMA does this make me Bullshido teacher?

10/10/2007 10:19am,
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10/10/2007 10:24am,
I wouldnt think so,as long as your honest about it. You dont have to be a good fighter to be a good teacher. All depends on where you are drawing your experiences from. Most people seem to think only people who can kick there ass can teach them something usefull.

10/10/2007 11:14am,
So I go to review your dojo create a profile for the school I teach at and I get this icon?