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10/07/2007 10:21am,
I don't carry, but I live in a state (MN) that gets very cold and is "Shall issue" for CC.

I'm curious as to what would be effective for winter carry. Taking off your gloves, unzipping your parka, finding weapon under your sweater, then drawing, would take too long. Keep the weapon in an outside pocket? Keep second weapon in outside pocket?

Does anyone have experience?

10/07/2007 10:44am,
No experience with this but thin gloves and pocket carry sounds like a plan there to me.

10/15/2007 10:31am,
I have thought about this often, every Fall to be exact. I live in Oklahoma so it is pretty warm in the winter. I also donít spend too much time outdoors when it is to cold. When I need to bundle up I opt for a strong side, out side the waistband, strapless belt holster. I have found that this setup is the easiest to draw from when wearing a lot of clothing.

I personally donít like pocket holsters. My winter out wear doesnít have pockets large enough anyways. It has been my experience that pocket holsters print too much and make the garment fit and look awkward. Just my own personal opinion.

If I must wear gloves I go for thin. If I am going casual than the wool inserts that the military uses are perfect. If I am going dressier then a thin leather glove with thinsulate works well. A word of caution, all gloves have the potential to cause the trigger finger to slip on the trigger. Many sporting good stores and even Wal-Mart sells fingerless gloves and gloves with rubber on the trigger finger. This is a good option.

The trick is to train. Practice drawing and firing you weapon with all your winter clothing on. Buy some snap caps and practice in the yard or in you garage.

Also, make sure what ever gun oil you are using is rated for whatever cold temperature you will be in. A good quality CLP should do the trick, just be sure to check the manufactures specifications.

Also, on a side note. If you are consider the out side the waistband belt holster than a good quality belt is a must. In the summer when people carry concealed a popular choice is an inside the waist band and consequently the belt aspect can be overlooked. The importance of a good quality belt can not be underestimated. Make sure your belt is wide, thick, and sturdy enough for the job at hand. Using a thin belt like the kind worn with khakis on casual Fridays will not adequately secure the weapon and will lead to back pain.

10/16/2007 3:45am,
For good light gloves, try winter golf gloves or winter receiver gloves, both of which I wore while living in Wisconsin. I was very comfortable with the golf gloves and accessing my tactical folder. Good grip on the fingers and palm and warm enough unless you're planning on staying outside in a whiteout.

Aloha, PoiDog

10/16/2007 8:06am,
Now that I am thinking about it:
My friends and relatives in Michigan (cold as hell up there!) use SUGís. I have never used them, but they swear by them. May be worth checking out.

10/16/2007 1:40pm,
Actually, the Seirus lightweight sport gloves work great. I should know, my old PL liked to keep ranges going during blizzards.

10/16/2007 8:39pm,
Some very good points Thanks. I like reading this forum: quite a few very knowledgeable people and a minimum of B.S.

Also found a good article on this topic by Massad Ayoob:


Poidog, did you practice different knife techniques when you were in WI? I've attended a couple Bill McGrath seminars and he recommended more aggressive moves ( & bigger blades) for winter.