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10/05/2007 11:49am,
Ok I just wanted some feedback on how to deal with guys like this. There is an instructor in town that claims to be a Pan Am world champ. He has 2 silver medals and one gold medal, now the thing is he has NEVER won a match. Now this wouldnt bug me that much but he has plastered all over his website and myspace that he is a world champion( there are a few other claims on there such as being a regular competitor but he hasnt competed in 5 years but I will get to those later). So I was wondering what you guys think of people who do this. I mean how can you claim to be a champion when you have NEVER won a single match in world competition. I will wait for some responses and I might post links to these claims.

10/05/2007 11:53am,
I have seen guys like this before...they are lame.
What sport does he claim to be a medallist in? Please post a link to his website, etc.

10/05/2007 12:10pm,
I get tired of seeing all these BJJ world champs. Seems that each one is 5,6,7...etc world champ. It's almost like the old point Karate world champs.

10/05/2007 12:34pm,
OK He is a legit BB under Carlos Machado but all his other claims are just outlandish. I will post some links and then I will point out the stuff that is just out right untrue. Here is a link to his myspace http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=132913867

and here is a link to his website


Please note the pictures on this site, I just love the black and white how sexy am I poses in there. I have to go to work now but I will be posting more later.

10/05/2007 12:44pm,
If there's no one to fight in his weight class, he wins by default. Pretty lame.

10/05/2007 4:02pm,
If there's no one to fight in his weight class, he wins by default. Pretty lame.

...and thus "world champ".

10/05/2007 4:09pm,
Zap, when you said Paper Champion I was expecting a Steve 'The Track Star' Jimenez thread!

10/06/2007 8:17pm,
You forgot to mention that you got your purple belt from William Vandry. I usually don't post on forums but this thread is about one of my instructors. William Vandry is a legit BB under Carlos Machado, he has participated in high level competition at each belt rank. If you read the links Zapruder has provided you will notice there is little emphisis on the competition back ground.

Is an instructor or any martial artists abilities measured soley by their competiton record? If so there would not be as many schools to choose from. I have personaly trained with BJJ BB's and BB's from other arts who have NEVER competed and are the toughest SOB's I have ever met. When you ask them why they don't compete most are humble and say they just don't feel like it. I personly have not competed in any form of martial art since 1997, but I train my ass off!

Bottom line is I like Zapruder, he was one of my favorite training partners, but at the same time I am a loyal Vandry BJJ student and would like to have everyone know that his Austin based BJJ classes are top notch. Do a youtube search for Vandry BJJ and watch the skill set of some of his White Belts and Blue Belts I think you will be suprised.

Diabo signing off.

10/06/2007 9:23pm,
I mean how can you claim to be a champion when you have NEVER won a single match in world competition. I will wait for some responses and I might post links to these claims.
I previewed his myspace page, but I don't see any mention of William claiming to be a champion Zap. I would like to see the evidence of these claims.

For the record, I also train under William Vandry.

Zapruder is my friend, and so is William. In the interest of full disclosure, Zapruder no longer trains under William, and they're no longer on speaking terms.

10/06/2007 11:07pm,
Machado would not allow one of his students to inflate their credintials. If Machado backs him.....then more than likely...he is legit.

10/07/2007 3:14am,
OK here goes I will start with the myspace page:
"Vandry has competed since 1996, and has earned one Gold, Two Silver and one fourth place finish at the prestigious Pan American world championship."
"Vandry constantly competes on a world level with the best in BJJ."
"Vandry has competed in World championships at each belt level in BJJ (Blue, Purple, Brown and Black) and has placed on a world level three times. "
"Vandry also has pioneered Texas' only fully functional women's BJJ class and has a large student base of women that train with each"

"Ego is not for BJJ. Humility, camaraderie and being an honorable student to help fellow students will help groom you as a future instructor."

Ok Starting with the top down, losing every match or having no one to fight IMO is not EARNING anything.

He hasnt competed since his last loss in 2003

Once again placed but never won a match.

He hasnt had a women class since 2005.

Like I said before the part that bugs me is the skewing of the competition facts, I have never said in this thread that he teaches crappy jits it is his warping of his competitive prowess that gets my goat. As diabo and JNP have stated I trained with Will, and it wasnt until after I left that I found out that he NEVER won a match, I can also guarantee that the VAST majority of his students think that he has actually won his medals(as this is how he portrays himself) Once again this thread was started to keep the bjj community as clean and truthful as possible, I am not making claims of bad instruction, it is as the title says PAPER CHAMP if you look on this link here http://www.austinbjj.com/Sections-article6-p1.html
6 of the 9 pics are competition or competition related pics. So heres the deal if you havent won something dont claim you have, if you lose a match dont claim it was because you got poked in the eye and someone passed you guard cuz you couldnt see(especially if you claim that you are blind) If you are legit and produce good students there is no need for this deception, and that is all I am asking for is be honest and forthright about your accomplishments and dont try to weave it in such a way to make yourself look like some kind of superman. I now have to go to work(yeah! 4am shifts) I will post a few more things about the website as well as posting links to the pan am records for verification.

10/07/2007 8:58am,
Just a coincidence, but just last week someone told me about a guy who's supposed to be a 3rd place in a bjj wold championship, but who nevers wins anyone. As it seems, the guy tries to insert himself in weight categories where there are 3 or even 4 participants...just by showing up on time you get a medal, no fighting needed. I even heard that he doesn't even fight, just folds and then comes back here and announces his prowess in bjj! BJJ is big buissness and it's catching on to the bullshido of it's older brothers!:pity:

10/07/2007 12:46pm,
I understand the where the thread starter is going with this. I for example, went to a tournament a few weeks ago but there was no one in the blue belt division in my weight class. There was a purple belt there my weight and he didn't have anyone in his weight class either so they put both of us together. Long story short, I got choked out. I did some things right and some things wrong but it was more of a learning experience. I recently received the second place medal for the tournament as I didn't stay around for the awards presentation. It's still in my workout bag...I think...!!! The point is that it would be stupid of me to really claim that second place as well as it would be for the purple belt to truly claim the first place he received.

Also to the other posters who currently train with Vandry; his teaching skills are not being questioned, only his potentially inflated (although, legit in some ways) competition history. After all, from reading the threads on this website, you should know that the whole "you don't know what you are talking about; my teacher's skills are the best, you should take a class, he will kick your ass, etc, etc, ect " stuff doesn't fly or isn't valid (yet) when dealing with the other martial artists who are investigated on here about allegedly inflated competition creds and therefore, BJJ is no exception either.

Sam Browning
10/07/2007 1:16pm,
I have a story like that. Years ago while I was still doing NAGA tournments, I was in a particular novice weight class with four or five guys. Because of the way the brackets were structured I got tapped twice and was still awarded third place. I couldn't go up and get the trophy. Something in me snapped and I disappeared during the awards. One of my school mates handed me the trophy afterwards which was then sacrificed on my firing range to the BJJ god as a sign of atonement.

10/07/2007 2:28pm,
I can hardly be objective about the Vandry thing, since I train at a rival school.

Instead, i'll tell a little anecdote from the hedgehogey chronicles.

Yesterday I competed at the Austin Martial Arts Fest. There were no blue belts in my division (featherweight, 140-147 lbs). The closest blue belt to me was 172 lbs. The tournament organizers put us together and had us match for the entire "lightweight" blue belt division. I wrestled him to a standstill (points were even) until time ran out, but they gave him the match on an advantage.

Despite not having won anything, they still gave me a silver medal.

10/08/2007 12:58am,
I noticed that in the MySpace "blurbs" slideshow one photo was labeled "Scoring 3 points at the 2000 Pan Am Championships." So he didn't win that match?