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10/16/2003 7:52am,
So, I am leaving for the hospital. Going to be there until tomorrow, I believe... hopefully. So yes, trying to see if I'm actually okay or not. So see you around.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the outside weather.

Oh yea.... TAE BO- GO TO CLASS TONIGHT!!!!! (I can't remind you online...)

10/16/2003 8:52am,
All the best, hope all goes well.
Let us know if you need ANYTHING :)

10/16/2003 10:16am,
Good luck! And dig that hospital food!

10/16/2003 12:10pm,
Good luck

10/16/2003 12:10pm,
*Sends virtual flowers.*

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10/16/2003 12:30pm,
Good luck! I'll be praying for you and whatever you might have.