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10/14/2003 12:03pm,
Ladies and gentlemen of Bullshido,

As it turns out, MuayThaiGirl (who is near and dear to many of our hearts) is anemic. Unfortunately, she cannot afford to purchase iron supplements that can help to lift some of the effects of anemia (and hey, the less time she spends worn out and/or sleeping, the more time she can spend posting here and entertaining us).

So, this, gentle readers, is where you all come in. I've found a place that can ship iron supplements inexpensively right to her dorm. I am suggesting that perhaps 5 or 6 of us can donate $5 each (I'll start things off by supplying $10 and organizing all this) and get her a year's supply.

So, what do you all say?

10/14/2003 12:10pm,
Why doesn't she just put it on her Amazon wish list!

10/14/2003 12:14pm,
I sent her a chunk already!

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10/14/2003 12:17pm,
Too bad she's not in desperate need of protein! I'm sure the guys could help her with that. LOL

10/14/2003 2:13pm,
That moons of jupiter aikido sig pic just made fun of you for me.

<Me> John, what do you know about Zen Buddhism? <John> *smacks me*
<John> I'd have to smack you sometime...

10/15/2003 8:36am,
Thanks... but I'm okay. I just sleep and throw up blood! YAY! *grumbles at worthless piece of **** doctors near her* s
So, Brand, the doctors near you good?

10/15/2003 8:44am,
You that bad sweetie?
Anything we can do???

10/15/2003 11:40am,
A good way to get more iron in your diet is to cook with a cast iron skillet.
Just thought that might be helpful.
I'd help out, but canadian money is pretty much worthless to them yanks :)
Seriously though, I'd help out if needed.

10/15/2003 11:49am,
the cast iron skillet is correct.

I'd like to help out but how do I know this isn't just another internet scam like those p*n*s enlargement emails?!

10/15/2003 12:45pm,
MTC: I am currently anemic as well due to a much larger medical issue and I have adverse reactions to iron pills. Eat lots of these foods -

(in order from highest iron with lowest calorie)

Spinach,liver, Sauerkraut, Turnip greens, Oysters, Clams, Brewer's Yeast, kidneys, Sorghum molasses, Caviar, Pumpkin, Cherries, Potato with or without skin, Sausage, Venison, Bulgur, Snails, Artichoke, squash, Sardines, Cod, Braunschweiger, Wheat germ, White beans, Lentils, Beef, Pine nuts, Lima beans, Cashew nuts, Apricots, peaches, raisins and prunes, and Kidney beans.


1. Total

2. Product 19

3. 40% Bran Flakes, Kellogg's

4. Wheat, puffed, fortified

Hope it helps, it's always better to eat right than take pills as far as I am concerned. If anemia is your "only" problem (yeah I know that like saying if you're only a little pregnant) then throwing up blood is really bad, it means you are so low on iron your body can't maintain your stomach lining.

10/15/2003 12:58pm,
Good post and advice sharlintier.
Hope you get better too.

10/15/2003 1:56pm,
whoa, good info there Shar

Shar have you ever thrown up blood because of low iron? Is that common?

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10/15/2003 2:17pm,
Yes, I have and I let it go on for too long so I ended up hospitalized for the bleeding uclers (no fun what-so-ever let me tell you). Normally you can be anemic for a long time before it gets that bad but women need alot more iron than men and tend to eat a lot less food in general, especially red meats. Women tend to become anemic much much more than men, and it's worse for women atheletes because we use iron at an even faster rate.

The most common part of anemia is being tired, cold and being more prone to illness. That is where the problem comes in, you simply think you have a cold or virus and you keep doing what you do and you make things worse. Then if you add stubborness to the mix (a trait MTC and I seem to share in abundance) it takes something like blood in your vomit or other waste products to get you to go 'ummm, maybe this isn't just a cold'. If you stop and take care of yourself then, with iron pills or a high iron diet all is good and it clears up very quickly. If you are a PITA like me it takes a stay in the hospital and brow beating to make you take the hint that if you don't get your **** together this CAN kill you.

Deadpan Scientist
10/15/2003 3:06pm,
The some of the best hospitals in the US are in boston. Especially the one run by MIT/Harvard for their MSTP program.

10/15/2003 3:17pm,
Take care of yourself.
Don't over train and for pete's sake, EAT MEAT !!!
Nothing is wrong with some lean red meat.
That kind of iron and animal protein is great for you.
Athletes function better with some red meat in their diet.
The longer you are around, the more we can bug you :)

10/15/2003 11:27pm,
eat meat. heme iron is better absorbed than iron in vegetables. it helps to drink orange juice with meals to increase your absorption.