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9/21/2007 8:10pm,
Oh Great Mod Gods I call upon you that my thread may be directed to the place where it may be read and trolled most clearly. There's probably not a great place to put this on Bullshido, but YMAS seems like it is the least disruptive. There are better places on the interwebs to ask most such advice but Bullies have more interesting opinions.

I'm getting a job in Evanston, Wyoming and I'm not remotely interested in living in Evanston, Wyoming so I'm thinking of moving to Salt Lake City and commuting. And by thinking of, I mean the car is packed and I leave in the morning from Knoxville, Tennessee. I'm probably going to look for a small apartment and if I can find it a place to train judo or BJJ somewhere closeby. I'll be on location in company apartments two weeks on, two weeks off for my new job, but the rest of the time I don't fancy living in Wyoming or commuting from Tennessee.

Are there any SLC Bullies who can suggest to me places I should or should not train and/or live in SLC? My meager searches so far mention a couple of places like Rose Park and Glendale I probably don't want to be, but I don't have any kind of overview. I'm kind of focused on the accommodations side of the search at the moment although training is also important. The suburbs are fine though if they're any better, especially if it's on the Wyomingwards side of town.

9/21/2007 8:56pm,
Pedro Sauer and some of his students have schools in the SLC area. Also I believe Jeremy Horn runs a school there.