View Full Version : Garden City, Idaho: Hart's Martial Arts Center - Is this a McDojo?

9/21/2007 7:09pm,
Here's their website. http://www.hartsmartialarts.com/

I visteded their school the other day but they were closed. I looked in the windows and there was a huge table selling things and trying to sell things. It was full of century martial arts brochures. Stuff like that. There site says they teach kung fu, taichi and pagua. I'm mostly concerned about how they just say kung fu and not the actual style. Most legit. schools say their styles.
Please let me know.

Matt Miller

I might have made spelling mistakes, or maybe not......

boondock lee
9/21/2007 8:04pm,
After looking at the website and reading your story, I have come to the conclusion that that school has some serious Mcdojoism.

One funny aspect about their website is that they don't offer any info on the art they teach but they sell a crapload of products. They even sell XMA STUFF! XMA! Not to mention the patches and belts.....

I'd keep looking for a different school. BTW can u find out what kind of kung fu do they teach? If they don't tell you exactly what kind, then run far away and never return.