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9/21/2007 6:16pm,
Martial arts instructor faces more sex charges

5 more girls allege abuse

Five more girls have come forward alleging they were victimized by an Edmonton martial arts instructor already accused of sexually assaulting three pre-teen girls.
The 50-year-old taekwondo instructor was originally charged Sept. 7 with sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual exploitation. He taught classed at both Meadowlark and Elmwood elementary schools last year.

Since the original charges, five new complainants all girls under 14, said cops have come forward with similar allegations.

Further charges were laid.

Thomas Lee Innerebner is now facing eight counts of sexual assault, seven counts of sexual interference, and one count of sexual exploitation.


Disgusting and sad.
(Thanks to Rising Phoenix for article find.)


9/27/2007 4:01pm,
Taekwondo teacher's sex-crime charges stand at 16

The case against a city martial-arts teacher charged with sexually abusing his students involved incidents at four different schools and a community centre, a detective revealed yesterday.

The alleged incidents happened at the Athlone and Kensington schools, as well as at the facilities identified last week: Meadowlark and Elmwood schools.

Also on the list is the Callingwood community centre.

The man charged, Thomas Lee Innerebner, taught taekwondo at Prince Charles school as well, but none of the incidents are alleged to have happened there, said Det. Malcolm Allen, an investigator on the case.

"This gentleman has been busy across the city," Allen alleged.

Innerebner, 50, now faces 16 sex-crime charges stemming from his work running classes at the facilities, where he rented space.

The case first came to light earlier this month, when three girls came forward with allegations against him.

Then, police said last week they had laid more charges after five other girls came forward and alleged that they, too, had been abused.

Innerebner is to make an appearance on the charges in November, Allen said.

Police are still looking for people to come forward with information about him. Since the new charges came to light, however, police haven't received any new tips, he said.


Kid Miracleman
9/27/2007 7:35pm,
"Gentleman." Ha.

King Sleepless
9/27/2007 11:30pm,
Old enough to cross the street, old enough to get hit.

9/27/2007 11:55pm,
Reminds me of my friends old instructor. The instructor had one exercise for his students (mostly little kids) which involved him (who was pretty fat according to my friend) standing on his students stomachs for prolonged periods of time. Apparently this was supposed to strengthen your abdominal muscles. He was slapped with numerous lawsuits and forced out of business.

Moreland urged parents to check the backgrounds of instructors, especially since there are few regulations for martial arts instructors in Canada.
There's few regulations for Martial Arts instructors anywhere if I'm not mistaken. It's hard to regulate Martial Arts instructors since not all of them are affiliated with any organizations. So, it tends to be difficult to keep track of them all.

Either way, it really pisses me off to read about people that do that kind of stuff to little kids, let alone Martial Arts instructors or teachers doing it. At least this guy's paying for it with his life being tossed away into a prison cell.

9/28/2007 4:34am,
What is "sexual interference"?

9/28/2007 7:35am,
What is "sexual interference"?


9/28/2007 10:34am,
Well I guess he will get to test those tkd knife defenses out in PRISON!

9/28/2007 2:39pm,
As much as I would like to see the next headline be: "Martial Arts Instructor Stabbed in Prison"; I think the most appropriate punshment would be for him to spend the rest of his life being bent over his rack, being brutalized by his very large, and angry cell mate.

12/16/2009 11:08am,
Martial arts instructor denies sexually touching students

An Edmonton taekwondo instructor on trial for sexual assault insisted Wednesday he never molested or touched any of his students inappropriately.

Thomas Innerebner, 52, is charged with eight counts of touching children under 14 for a sexual purpose and nine counts of sexual assault. His jury trial started last week in Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench.

At one point during hours of intense cross-examination Wednesday by Crown prosecutor David Hill, Innerebrer called the allegations of sexual assault against him "ridiculous".

"Did you hear in the past two weeks, seven children and two adults accuse you of being a child molester?" Hill asked.

Innerebner agreed that he had. Hill then asked him if the allegations made him reflect on how he treated his students.

"Yes, there's been a lot of time for reflection," Innerebner replied. "To reflect on all the good I've done for these students."

Later on in his testimony, Innerebner questioned why he would want to behave inappropriately towards his students.

"Why after 12-plus years of teaching with an unblemished record would I want to risk my career, my reputation, by starting this kind of behavior in class?" he asked.

Innerebner wanted to take lie detector test, jury told

Innerebner denied any inappropriate contact with his students during questioning from his lawyer, Brian Beresh, on Tuesday.

Beresh asked Innerebner the same questions about each of the nine female complainants in the case.

"Did you ever have any physical or sexual attraction to her?" Beresh asked each time.

"No," Innerebner replied.

"Did you ever for any sexual purpose touch her or sexually assault her?"

Each time, Innerebner would turn towards the jury each time and reply: "Absolutely not."

In court last week, one of his former students, who was an adult when she studied with him, testified that she quit her lessons with Innerebner because he touched her breasts and buttocks while she was stretching.

None of his students showed a reluctance to be near him, Innerebner testified, and many sent him cards and gifts of appreciation.

When he learned he would be charged with sexual assault in 2007, he testified he was in "complete shock".

Innerebner told the jury that when he was questioned by police, he agreed to take a polygraph test. When they decided not to do the test, Innerebner still wanted to do it, adding he would still take one today.

Innerebner has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The jury is expected to start its deliberations tomorrow.

Wow, and everyone is two years older now.

12/16/2009 3:34pm,
8 charges is a LOT.
I can imagine 3-4 people working together to make allegations so they could exploit him or something like that, but 8?

Conde Koma
12/16/2009 3:42pm,
Maybe not all of them are working in concert, it's possible that the later ones are tagging on in hopes for a cut of the settlement.

12/16/2009 6:50pm,
Maybe not all of them are working in concert, it's possible that the later ones are tagging on in hopes for a cut of the settlement.Good point.

12/16/2009 6:59pm,
Maybe not all of them are working in concert, it's possible that the later ones are tagging on in hopes for a cut of the settlement.

This is a criminal trial, not a civil suit. Is your hypothesis based on such an occurrence ever happening in even remotely similar circumstances? Multiple girls in their teens join a rape/sexual assault trial in hopes that they'll get money in some mythical future settlement?

It just seems like you're throwing out pie-in-the-sky alternative scenarios to contradict the plain fact that it seems likely that this guy is a serial molester. I don't mind holding off judgment, but we already have one jackass with a sick comment in this thread about the girls being "fair game."

Let's try for a modicum of decency.

Conde Koma
12/16/2009 7:04pm,
Just exploring a possibility. We don't actually know if the guy is guilty or not, unless someone has evidence to the contrary?

12/16/2009 7:39pm,
Is your hypothesis based on such an occurrence ever happening in even remotely similar circumstances? Multiple girls in their teens join a rape/sexual assault trial in hopes that they'll get money in some mythical future settlement?

You apparently missed the best cinematic art of the late '90s.