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10/11/2003 11:17pm,
Not soccer you sissies; Rugby!
Canada plays wales tonight at 1am, I'm gonna stay up and watch.

My pick is the All Blacks taking it all.
The States is gonna get so fucking stomped (although so will Canada when we play New Zealand).

Damn you lucky bastards who live in Australia.

Deadpan Scientist
10/11/2003 11:42pm,

10/12/2003 12:08am,
What part?

The All Blacks is the name of the New Zealand team.

10/12/2003 1:55am,
Personally I'm backing the Wallabies (for obvious reasons). I went to the South Africa V Uruguay match last night, it was fun, but a complete walkover for SA. Unfortunately I missed out on tickets to the big game in Perth, South Africa V England. I guess I'll just have to go watch it at the pub on the big screen.

10/12/2003 3:07am,
Kick off time!

You lucky dog. I have a few friends who are down in Aussie to watch the world cup; if only I had money.

There's gonna be a lot of blow-outs in the first round. The difference between high and low level teams in rugby is just incredible. Poor Italy, they got destroyed in their first game, 70-7 for NZ.

10/12/2003 3:30am,
holds nothing to AFL...

10/12/2003 6:18am,
holds nothing to AFL...
That goes without saying <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

10/12/2003 6:42am,
just trying to educate the foreigners ;)

10/12/2003 5:44pm,
AFL? aussie rules football?

10/12/2003 8:00pm,
some of those guys are TANKS!!!!
and not flabby ones at that

Hard Work, Patience, Dedication

"*Runs to MuayThaiChick as well and hides behind her enjoying the protection and the view*" Sharlintier (Queen PITA)

Darting Fingers
10/12/2003 8:05pm,
AFL holds nothing against alot of sports, are you guys Victorians? Football and Rugby (Union) are two of the greatest sports in the world. I've just got to work and I feel like ****, too many games to watch and too much beer. How were the japs last night I thought they did well for themselves, those guys play with alot of heart and if their ball handling skills were a little bit better... I can get tickets to all the games in Sydney a friend of a friend set up all the lighting, the tickets don't actually have a seat but you can go anywhere in the ground, they're for caterers and etc.

10/12/2003 10:43pm,
I was amazed that fiji got so walloped by france.
I mean everyone knows france is good, but I thought fiji would put up a pretty good fight.

10/12/2003 11:58pm,
yep, its aussie rules football

and nope im not victorian, fact is the victorian teams are being outclassed lately, but essendon will be back

10/13/2003 12:55am,
Essendon earned my eternal hatred for stomping Freo at Subiaco during the finals. I was so hoping this year would be an all non-Victorian final, but it was not to be.

10/13/2003 2:36am,
if port adelaide were playing at full strength it would have been, and cmon you gotta respect essendon they are still a pretty big threat for a team on the down swing.

10/13/2003 2:44am,
Yeah, Essendon still get my respect since they are pretty good still. But it doesn't stop be from barracking against them in every single game they're gonna play from now on :)