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Deadpan Scientist
10/11/2003 6:06pm,

Deadpan Scientist
10/11/2003 6:30pm,
I think the ref stopped it too early

10/11/2003 7:39pm,
What happened? Was there a brawl or something?

Deadpan Scientist
10/11/2003 7:47pm,
Pedro hit one of the yankees on purpose. Then this coach came after him. Zimmer, the coach is a 72 year old man with 2 reconstructed knees. In addition, he was once hit in the head with a pitch, and he was in a coma for 2 weeks, and lost the ability to speak for 6. It's easy to understand why he would do it, but it's just not smart.

10/11/2003 7:58pm,
I see.

Deadpan Scientist
10/11/2003 8:14pm,
Do you?

10/11/2003 11:33pm,
Pedro barely even hit him! He just grabbed by his head and tossed him.

I thought it was fairly humane.

Deadpan Scientist
10/11/2003 11:42pm,
It was a snap down. pedro should have gone for rear mount with hooks, but I can understand why he didn't...

10/12/2003 3:45am,
It's a good thing he was able to use his anti-grappling, otherwise he would have been submitted rolling on top of the broken glass on the mound getting kicked by all the Yankees there.

10/12/2003 9:09am,
Even though Merc is being sarcastic, if Zimmer would of talked Pedro that would of probably happen, except for the glass part...of course we are talking about Boston fans so there would of been sam adams bottle thrown that they snuck in their "wicked" windbreakers.

FYI I'm from Boston ;)

10/13/2003 11:51am,

That's the worst shoot I've ever seen.

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