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9/19/2007 12:43am,
Nice pants


Super hot wu tai chi action halfway through the imbedded video in the below link


NEW Zealand police have found a body in the boot of a car parked outside the Auckland home of Anan Liu, the mother of the toddler known as 'Pumpkin' who was abandoned at a Melbourne train station, according to Auckland radio station Newstalk ZB.

Police have painted a picture of Nai Yin Xue, Pumpkin's father who left her at the train station, as a violent man prone to attacking his wife Ms Liu, also known as Annie Xue, who was last seen on September 10.

The 27-year-old had left her husband recently and police confirmed that several protection orders had been sought in the past year.

Ms Liu and Qian Xun, dubbed Pumpkin by Australian authorities, also spent a month in an Auckland women's refuge last year.

The search for Ms Liu has officially been classified as a missing person's inquiry but it is understood NZ police are informally treating it as a homicide.

Ms Liu's bank account has not been touched for 10 days and she was last seen at home on September 10 by one of the people living in her suburban Auckland.

Police were today investigating an unconfirmed sighting of Ms Liu in the Auckland suburb of Balmoral last Tuesday.

Ms Liu's car was found on Monday night at Auckland International Airport, but flight records show she did not leave New Zealand.

The family's last home in Auckland was sealed off last night and two family cars would be forensically examined, police said.

Mr Xue once held a knife to his wife's stomach, threatening to kill her, and police also revealed that the day before he left for Australia, Mr Xue collected his passport and a ceremonial sword from police, the New Zealand Press Association said.

The sword had been seized by police as a result of a report of domestic violence within the family.

Mr Xue, a 54-year-old magazine publisher, last appeared in court in June, when he was convicted of assault, and reappeared for breaching a protection order.

"We're taking the disappearance of (Annie Liu) very seriously and we want to find out where she is," Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Scott said in Auckland.

"As each hour goes by, our concerns for Anan grow accordingly. There's been no activity on her bank accounts since last Monday, September 10, and the mobile number we have for her goes directly to voicemail."

For the first time, police said yesterday that Qian Xun was abducted.

The three-year-old was dumped by her father at a Melbourne train station on Saturday. They flew from New Zealand to Australia last Thursday.

Mr Xue fled Australia on a flight to the US hours after leaving Qian Xun.

Interpol is hunting him across three countries.

New Zealand's National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges said the Shakti Asian Women's Refuge helped Ms Liu obtain protection and parenting orders.

The collective said she left before the orders were finalised and did not give a forwarding address.
She had told refuge workers she planned to go to China to see her parents.

New Zealand media reported that Ms Liu fled to China to escape Mr Xue but returned to Auckland.

All her friends said Ms Liu would never leave her daughter's side.

New Zealand MP Pansy Wong said Qian Xun's maternal grandmother was trying urgently to be reunited with the girl.

She said she was helping to get Ms Liu's mother to New Zealand from China and reunite her with her granddaughter.

"Her priority is to come to this part of the world. First of all she wants to unite with Qian Xun and also wants to be really in the midst of knowing what is happening of finding her missing daughter," Ms Wong said.

Mr Xue has older daughter from a previous relationship.

Det-Sen-Sgt Scott said today she was safe and well and living in New Zealand.

"We don't have any concerns for her safety and will respect her wishes that she not be subjected to any publicity," he said.

Mr Xue made a tearful plea last year for his daughter from his first marriage to come home in a documentary titled Kung Fu Father.

He told university documentary makers in Auckland that she ran away in 2002 because he was a bad father who focused only on his career as a wu tai chi master.

Filmmaker Tony Wright said Mr Xue's performance in his documentary was hollow.

"He was talking and he just started crying ... it all seemed very false, it didn't seem to be believable," he told New Zealand's TV3, which obtained the documentary.

Police now have the tape.

- The Daily Telegraph and wires

9/19/2007 1:57pm,
Disputes, mystery around Pumpkin's vanished parents
By EMILY WATT - The Dominion Post | Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The security images of a small forlorn figure in a bright red coat, abandoned at the bottom of the escalator, have captured the public's hearts.

As her father, Nai Yin Xue walked away, he did not look back. He has now disappeared and Australian police believe he is in the United States.

Yesterday, the world was left to wonder why three-year old Qian Xun Xue - known as Pumpkin - was left alone in a Melbourne railway station.

Equally mysterious - and worrying - is the whereabouts of her mother.

As police searched the Auckland home and garden of Mr Xue, 54, and his wife Anan Liu, 27, last night, a picture began to emerge of a man who was suffering depression and financial woes, who had assaulted his wife, and whose claims to martial arts mastery were being questioned.

A director of the Auckland-based Chinese language paper Chinese Times and co-founder of a local martial arts academy, Mr Xue was well-known in the Auckland Chinese community and appeared regularly at community functions.

He reportedly met Anan Liu - also known as Annie - when she was an international student in Auckland about five years ago.

More than twice her age, he was already divorced and had been estranged from his first daughter, now aged in her late 20s, for several years.

Mr Xue, who also goes by the Western name Michael, later appeared in a student documentary claiming his older daughter had run away because he spent too much time on his martial arts.

Appearing tearful, he appealed to the camera for her return.

But within the couple's tidy white home in Auckland's Mt Roskill, all was not well.

Mr Xue had complained to friends that the marriage was bad, that the couple argued a lot.

One friend of Mr Xue said Mrs Xue seemed embarrassed by the age gap, and when he stopped to visit, she would usually wait in the car.

Mr Xue complained Mrs Xue was having difficulty sorting out her immigration status.

"They had a lot of struggles and arguments," one friend said.

Police say the couple had a history of domestic disputes.

In June, Mr Xue was convicted in Waitakere Court of assaulting his wife and was later charged with breaching a protection order, but the charge lapsed.

Mrs Xue fled with their daughter to Wellington, where they lived in Johnsonville till a month ago, when it is understood Mr Xue collected her and they returned to Auckland.

But the troubles continued, and friends and acquaintances said Mr Xue appeared depressed.

National MP Pansy Wong said Mr Xue had complained about relationship and financial problems.

"Mr Xue was heard talking about there was not much point going on".

Ms Wong had met Mr Xue at several functions and met Anan Liu, who was a private person, and Qian Xun in March.

Mr Xue was very excited and proud to introduce his daughter, she said.

"Qian Xun is absolutely incredible. You just want to hold her and cuddle her. She's very smiley."

Ms Wong said Qian Xun was clinging to her mother and it was obvious mother and daughter were very close.

Yesterday, further criticism emerged of Mr Xue's claims as a martial arts grand master.

A posting on one website from 2002 questioned his title: "His publicity materials say he's challenged and beaten all the tai chi masters in New Zealand, but when I mentioned a couple of very prominent ones to him he hadn't even heard of them and had no interest in meeting them."

Steven Chen, chairman of the Wellington Martial Arts Association, believed Mr Xue overstated his abilities, promoting himself as the "King of Tai Ji" and travelling the world offering masterclasses.

"How could he do this thing? To abandon his own daughter? If I catch him, I'll smash him," Mr Chen said.


Apparently this is becoming quite huge, especially since this guy seemed to have escaped internationally.

Apparently a website for the gentleman in question:

9/19/2007 2:00pm,
Pumpkin dad a martial arts expert

AMAZING details of the life of Xue Naiyin as a martial arts expert are revealed from his own website.

The following is his CV - the spellings have not been changed. He is the father of the girl known as Pumpkin who was dumped at a Melbourne railway staion.

Master Xue Naiyin is from Fushun of Liaoning province. As the successor of the sixth generation, he was Chairman of Liaoning Taijiquan Association and General Coach of Liaoning International Taijiquan Training Center in 1995.

Master Xue Naiyin started practising martial arts when he was eight-years-old.

Since then, he has learned Wushu first from Mr Jie Zizhu and afterwards from Mr Duan Degui and Mr Qiao Songmao. What he was practised are Form-and - will Boxing. Eight Trigrams palm nd Wu Style Taijiquan.

As he has always been studying assiduously being strict with himself according to the instructions, he has grasped the spirit and quintessence of the boxing of inner strength and sensitivity .

To see his website, click here.

In 1978, he began to pass on the skill of Wushu in many schools, and from 1980s on, he specializes in Taijiquan.

In order to get to know the true essence of Taijiquan, he has visited a great number of famous martial artists and asked them for advice on how to futher improve his Kungfu and he has made rapid progress.

In 1992, he successfully established Fushun Wu style Taijiquan Research Commitee, whose members have been over 4000.

And in 1995 he was elected as Chairman of Liaoning Taijiquan Association when it was established.

He was also examined and approved as a Taijiquan expert at the First National Master Get-Together of Taijiquan Masters in 1993 and in the next year he was formally named International Taijiquan Famous Master. The articles by Xue Naiyin have abtained praise and prizes many times.

They have been published in the magazines around the world, especialy the international famous T'AI CHI magazine.

His works ' Orthobox schools of Wu style Taijiquan' and "Wu Style Taijiquan and swordplay" have been published by Beijing sport university Publishing House. The videotape Wustyle Taijiquan has also come out in Shenyang

The pupils of Master Xue Naiyin have been seen everywhere both at home and abroad such as Japan, Singapore, Spain, Germany and New Zealand. Master Xue Naiyin immigrated to New Zealand 1996 and he made a lot of contribution to the development of Tai ji in NZ.

His ultimate goal is to spread Wu style Tai ji to as many places as possble , so more and more people can get benfit from it.


Body found in car outside Pumpkin parent house: report

September 19, 2007 02:44pm

POLICE in New Zealand have found a body believed to be that of Anan Liu, the mother of abandoned toddler Pumpkin. The little girl's father is now at the centre of an international manhunt.

The body of an Asian woman was today found in the boot of a car belonging to Ms Liu's husband, Nai Xin Xue, and which had been parked outside the family's Auckland home, police said.

New Zealand police now want to speak to Mr Xue, an Auckland publisher and martial arts expert who flew to the United States after dumping his daughter Qian Xun at Melbourne's Southern Cross railway station on Saturday.

Fears had grown for Ms Liu, 27, after her daughter was dumped and it emerged there was a history of domestic violence in the family.

She was last seen around 10 days ago.

Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Scott, speaking to reporters in Auckland, would not say what injuries, if any, the dead woman had suffered.

He said a post mortem would be held in Auckland tomorrow.

"A formal identification has not yet been made," Snr Sgt Scott said.

He said the Honda car, which bore the name of Mr Xue's publication The Chinese Times, had been parked outside the house in suburban Mt Roskill did not appear to have been used for some time.

Snr Sgt Scott said the car was removed last night from outside the couple's home and taken to a secure location.

The woman's body was found about 1pm (11am AEST) today.

"That vehicle is currently undergoing a forensic examination. The body will be removed as soon as possible and a post mortem examination carried out tomorrow morning.

"We would very much like to speak with Mr Xue, the registered owner of the vehicle who we understand is in the United States," Scott said.

He defended the decision not to make an earlier search of the car, which had been unsecured outside the Keystone Ave address all yesterday afternoon.

"We had to get a search warrant for the house and a search warrant for the car that was on the road outside the address. That process took until about 9pm last night," Snr Sgt Scott said.

"We wanted to get the vehicle to a location where we could secure it and examine it properly. We've had staff examine that vehicle today. We haven't had the keys to that vehicle, it's just not a matter of breaking the windows and getting in.

"I'm satisfied my staff have done an excellent job taking their time and we're hoping that the examination of that vehicle is going to reveal evidence as to how that person who is in that vehicle has met their death."

Also known as Annie Xue, Ms Liu has not been seen since September 10, six days before her 54-year-old husband abandoned their daughter, nicknamed Pumpkin, in Melbourne and then flew to Los Angeles.

New Zealand police were treating his earlier flight to Melbourne from Auckland with his daughter as an abduction.

Police yesterday cordoned off the Xue house in the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill, shrouding it in plastic sheets as they conducted forensic tests on the property.

An international search is now underway for Mr Xue, with Victoria Police working with Interpol and American authorities to locate him.

Mr Xue was reported to be depressed and plagued by money problems.

New Zealand National Party associate immigration spokeswoman Pansy Wong knew the couple and told ABC Radio that although they were proud parents, she believed their marriage was going through a "bad patch".

New Zealand police also revealed yesterday that before he left for Australia last week, he collected his passport and a ceremonial sword from police.

The sword had earlier been seized by police as a result of reported domestic violence within the family.

Police said they had informed Ms Liu's mother in China of the body's discovery, but added that no formal identification of the body had taken place.

"There's a lot of work to do to ensure we preserve as much forensic evidence pertaining to the woman's death as possible," Snr Sgt Scott said.

"To that end, we won't be rushed into doing anything and will take the utmost care with a key item in what is now most definitely a homicide investigation.


Pics and video at link.

9/19/2007 2:21pm,
What. The. ****.

9/19/2007 2:37pm,
Clifnotes -

Bullshido master murdered wife and left toddler daughter in Chinese trainstation as he ran to the US to hide.

Vince Tortelli
9/19/2007 3:59pm,
Wushu = Pro Wrestling?

9/19/2007 4:23pm,
Clifnotes -

Bullshido master murdered wife and left toddler daughter in Chinese trainstation as he ran to the US to hide.

Seems like he killed his wife at the home in Auckland, New Zealand, then travelled with his daughter to Australia, then abandoned her in a Melborne train station and caught a plane to the US.

9/19/2007 6:01pm,
Clifnotes -

Bullshido master murdered wife and left toddler daughter in Chinese trainstation as he ran to the US to hide.

How'd you get chinese trainstation out of that? Spencer street station in in Melbourne.

Anyway, this guy needs to be found and prefferably shot. That poor kid, i might have missed it but any word on whether she's got family to say with?
I guess his Kung Fu teaching didn't include honour and all that ****...

9/19/2007 6:08pm,
Man that's awful. I've been following the story of Pumpkin - it's been all over the news since she was found, but no-one expected it would end like this.

9/19/2007 6:13pm,
I havent followed it well, i can never watch the news- someones alway watch Australian fucking idol in my common room. But I had really hoped they'd find the mother alive. I knew the chances weren't good, but still. Kung Fu my ass, i hope hegets beaten to a pulp in prison.
Does America do that thing where they give criminals back to other countries- or is this a yank affair now?

9/19/2007 8:00pm,
Thursday September 20, 10:39 AM
US police join search for Pumpkin's dad

United States police have joined the hunt for fugitive murder suspect Nai Xin Xue, who fled to Los Angeles after dumping his toddler daughter at a Melbourne railway station.

New Zealand police will seek a warrant for the arrest of Mr Xue, 54, wanted for questioning after the body of an Asian woman, believed to be that of his wife Anan Liu, 27, was found in the boot of his vehicle parked outside the family's Auckland home.

The couple's three-year-old daughter, Qian Xun, is in foster care in Melbourne after being abandoned by her father at Melbourne's Southern Cross railway station on Saturday. They had flown to Melbourne from Auckland.

New Zealand police contacted Interpol two days ago over Mr Xue, who flew to Los Angeles on Saturday.

"We have certainly been in touch with Washington," said NZ police spokesman Jon Neilson.

"We have to leave it up to them (Interpol). They are keen to find him and they are doing the usual police work," he said.

The next step would be to get a warrant for the arrest of Mr Xue, a magazine publisher and martial arts expert, he said.

In the United States, the FBI, US Marshals and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have joined Interpol in the search for Mr Xue.

US authorities are investigating addresses in LA, which the New Zealander knows well after living in the city several years ago.

"We are working closely with the FBI and US Marshals' office," LAPD officer Jason Lee told AAP.

An LAPD source said officers had been following up information while they await an official arrest warrant from New Zealand authorities, although the leads were "pretty vague".

"Until New Zealand actually requests an arrest warrant we're just working leads," the LAPD source told AAP.

"We're limited to what we can do.

"There are some minor leads here in southern California, but they're pretty vague."

The FBI offered its services to New Zealand authorities.

"We have been in contact with the New Zealand government and we have offered FBI assistance and law enforcement support in the United States," FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller said.

New Zealand Police international relations manager Detective Senior Sergeant Phil Foster said Interpol in Washington had been advised Mr Xue was being sought and formal inquiries had been made to try to locate him.

A post mortem on the body of the woman is expected to be completed.

Victoria's Department of Human Services (DHS) said expert help was at hand to inform Qian Xun, nicknamed Pumpkin, of her mother's likely fate.

"That's something that may have to be done at some stage and we have a number of expert counsellors to direct that," DHS spokesman Brendan Ryan said.

Mr Ryan said DHS was working with its New Zealand counterparts to arrange a reunion for Qian Xun with her Chinese grandmother and it had not been decided if this would happen in Australia or New Zealand.

"For the moment she will continue to be in foster care," he said.

Meanwhile, Victoria Police say they have conducted wide-ranging inquiries to locate the child's family.

Information from these investigations had been received as early as last Sunday and conveyed via Interpol to New Zealand and United States authorities.

Inspector Brad Shallies from the Transit Safety Division said in a statement Victoria Police investigators had established and maintained a rapport with their New Zealand colleagues.

"The investigation into what appears to be a suspicious death is entirely a matter for the New Zealand Police," Insp Shallies said.

"This is obviously a complex investigation now spanning at least three jurisdictions."
Taken from: http://au.news.yahoo.com/070916/2/14fr1.html

9/19/2007 8:04pm,
Foster care, oh... Hope they can find some of the Mothers family somewhere.
This is going to be alot of paperwork for someone... three jurisdictions- fun.

9/19/2007 8:06pm,
Australian authorities are bringing 'Pumpkin's' maternal grandmother (53 years old) to Aus from China. Hope the child will be okay...tragic stuff.

9/20/2007 3:16am,


9/20/2007 4:06am,


Oh you didn't get the memo about everyone ignoring your thread in favour of PizDoff's? :occasion1

Back to the Tai Chi master attention whore.

9/20/2007 6:14pm,

I'd like to bring to your attention a fugitive self-proclaimed wu tai-chi "grand master" who has gone to ground in Los Angeles after fleeing New Zealand. His name is Nai Yin Xue and he is 57 years old.

Allegedly he beat his wife to death and stashed her body in his car which was parked out the front of her house for several days before NZ police opened it. It is estimated he has an 80 hour lead on authorities in the US. Interpol are also after this guy.

He also abandoned his 3 year old daughter in a busy train station in Australia prior to taking a connecting flight out to Los Angeles, where apparently he may be catching up with some folks he's conned into taking him seriously as an instructor. He has a history of domestic violence and fraud (there is no evidence his grand-master title is legit) and may be armed with a ceremonial sword.

Here is a related news article:

So if anyone in the area hears of such a person, alert authorities. Thankyou for your time.