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10/10/2003 4:06pm,
Oddly Enough - Reuters

Suspected Penis Snatcher Beaten to Death
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BANJUL (Reuters) - A 28-year-old man accused of stealing a man's penis
through sorcery was beaten to death in the West African country of
Gambia on Thursday, police said.

A police spokesman told Reuters that Baba Jallow was killed by about
10 people in the town of Serekunda, nine miles from the capital

Reports of penis snatching are not uncommon in West Africa, with
purported victims claiming that alleged sorcerers simply touched them
to make their genitals shrink or disappear in order to extort cash in
the promise of a cure.

The police spokesman said many men in Serekunda were now afraid to
shake hands, and he urged people not to believe reports of "vanishing"
genitals. Belief in sorcery is widespread in West Africa.

Seven alleged penis snatchers were beaten to death by angry mobs in
Ghana in 1997.

10/10/2003 5:46pm,
LMAO....this is a joke, right?

10/10/2003 5:48pm,
ee gads, where do you find these articles. Excuse me while I run off to see if I can find my armored jock strap......

10/10/2003 6:13pm,
That's why Orientals bow.

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10/10/2003 6:19pm,
Unfortunately, it's not a joke.

10/10/2003 6:20pm,
LOL @ PizDoff

10/11/2003 1:09am,
hehe Os

Sounds like a good way to make a play off if your date starts giggling when the knickers come off.

"Well, you may laugh, but I did end up kicking the Sorcerer's ass. However you can see where he nicked me. . . ."

10/11/2003 2:41am,
thats right, its a battle injury! A BATTLE INJURY I TELL YOU!!

10/11/2003 4:01am,
This is too much... :)

10/11/2003 10:30am,
Haha... I figured "Penis Snatcher" was just a new troll around here, and one of you guys tracked him down or something.

10/12/2003 11:13pm,
If there is a black man with a small penis sorcery MUST be involved.

Osiris has tons of experiance in that regard!

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