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9/17/2007 2:52pm,
Is it true a stunt man who knew Judo put a choke hold on Seagal that caused him to poop his pants?


Post #12 has the most information-

According to Gokor this took place on the set of "Out for Justice" where Segal was using a Brooklin accent and did a stick fight w/Dan Inasanto-who also tels thsi story. Well Segal was being a dick to the stuntmen, but that is his normal behavior according to them. Well he is talking about how bad he is and the stuntment say "Yeah, well we got this old guy back here who could choke you out!" and Segal stated that nobody coulod get close to him to choke him out he also had never heard of Judo Gene LeBell before that encounter. Well Gene came over and said that he could choke him out and and Segal said that he couldn't so Gene grabbed him real quick and started to choke him. Segal tapped and said that that wasn't fair he was talking and wasn't ready for Gene. So Uncle Gene waited for Sega to get "ready" and when he said that he was Gene grabbed him and started to choke him out and Segal coudln't do nothing w/the old guy. Well Gene was pissed off because Segal was being very rough for no reason on the stunt guys when doing the fight scenes w/them and was upset becuase Segal said he wasn't ready and woul;dn't admit that Gene hooked him so as Uncle Gene would oput it "there is 2 ways to choke a person out, one way the ygo out nice and wake up ok, the other is they go out quick and they piss and crap on themselves" Gene did the latter! Then he drug Segal over to a closet and put hi in there uncouncious. When he came to everybody was cracking up and he went and changed his clothes and fired Gene and his guys. Gene has not worked on another Segal Movie since.

9/17/2007 3:07pm,
Gene LeBell isn't just a stunt man that knows Judo. He's one of the biggest pioneers of Judo during the 50's.

AFIAK by all accounts this is a true story thats been around for awhile.

9/17/2007 3:12pm,
...by all accounts this is a true story thats been around for awhile.
This is where "video or did not happen" should appear on your screen...

Would be so much fun to watch though. I mean finally not from a Farrelly brothers film, but for real...

Tomas Drgon
9/17/2007 3:16pm,
Judo Gene does not need video to support his claims.
The Video needs Judo Gene!

Vince Tortelli
9/17/2007 3:19pm,
I first heard this story from one of my Hanmudo instructors, when one of the other students was getting a little too enthusiastic swinging from Seagal's testicles. The funny thing is the instructor that told the story is actually a huge fan of Seagal's movies and owns every straight to video piece of crap Seagull has ever made.

9/17/2007 3:24pm,
Judo Gene does not need video to support his claims.
The Video needs Judo Gene!
I'd actually considered the matter as proven if I'd read a quote from Gene saying it happened, from a verifiable source. Did he ever confirm it?

9/17/2007 3:28pm,
Originally Posted by Gene LeBell
Yes, Tonuzaba. I did it

There ya go.

9/17/2007 3:28pm,
This is second hand but I was told there was some legal ramifications for Gene which is why he doesn't about it "offically."

Tom .C
9/17/2007 3:33pm,
Being choked out by Gene Lebel would not mean that anyone is a *****. Gene Lebel is still one of the toughest around. He used to fight in no holds barred contests for whatever prize money they would put up and he would go home with the money most of the time. Maybe even all of the time. That old guy could still kick ass if he wanted to. As far as not working on a Seagal movie ever again, whose choice would that be?

Tomas Drgon
9/17/2007 3:37pm,
ttt for Judo Gene who, in line with the principles of Judo, was able to redirect the momentum of Steven Segal's poop!!

9/17/2007 3:38pm,
There ya go.
Thanx, Gene. Good to know you're out there and still do care. :new_spira

9/17/2007 3:40pm,
Yes it is true.

It was in the movie that ended up having Steven Seagal fighting in the steel mill in the warehouse. Or was it the warehouse in the steel mill? All I know is that Steven first tripped a tank with his bare foot, outran SUV's and cars on horseback, then proceeded to Aikido 50 (enter minority here) people and then banged their leaders daughter, who is Asian, Indian, Hawaiian or any mix thereof, even if the leader guy was black.

All this to awesome 80's music, even if the movie was made this year. Also, he goes to jail and kills a gang because we all know that old fat men rule jails. All while still riding a horse.

9/17/2007 3:41pm,
No prob Tonuzaba, he sends his regards.

Matt W.
9/17/2007 3:49pm,
there is 2 ways to choke a person out, one way the ygo out nice and wake up ok, the other is they go out quick and they piss and crap on themselves

WTF? That seems dubious. Can anyone confirm?

9/17/2007 3:52pm,
I think there is the slow choke and then there is the neck crank choke. I once went out while talking. A judo guy literally choked me out while I was talking, I didn't feel a thing. I didn't poop myself or anything like that but I could imagine something liek that happening if there were sufficient trauma.

Tomas Drgon
9/17/2007 3:56pm,
WTF? That seems dubious. Can anyone confirm?

Yeah, that's nonsense.

I've seen people pee themselves as they went out. But it's not something you can do on purpose...to choke them in a special way. You either put them out or you don't.

The poo tells you more about Segal's diet than about LeBells choke...:)