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9/17/2007 10:57am,
Went to my first Muay Thai class, the guy had me do 40 minutes worth of jump rope. I remember when I walked in, I was like "jump rope? easy." At the end I could barely lift my legs.

I did some research, and found out jumping rope for an hour burns 1300 calories, and living in toronto, its nice to haev a cardio option in the winter. But being new to jumping rope, I thought I'd ask, in the end for cardio training, which is better? Jumping rope or runnin?

9/17/2007 11:40am,
Cardio boils down to one thing BPS...how you get there doesnt matter. Running, skipping, circut training.... Just keep and eye on your heart rate and make sure you are training it in the zone appropriate for you (the generic charts around the gym/net will work as a starting point, but only you will know where you are on there)

I have a heart rate monitor and watch it, I play with my heart rate, I play with my breathing, I always switch up how I get my cardio as to not let my body ever adapt, cycling, cross counrty running, mountain biking, circuit training, skipping... this also lets me hit different muscles as well.

Works for me, but I really find that you have to figure out what works for you personally.

9/17/2007 11:45am,
I prefer jump rope for HIIT. HIIT running takes too much space unless you have a really good treadmill. Also since jump rope uses your arms it will increase your heart rate faster.

My old coach also insisted that jumping rope barefoot on a wrestling mat increased the strength of the small muscles in your feet and improved balance.

9/17/2007 11:47am,
Use the search function- this was done to death a few weeks ago. If you can jump rope for 40 minutes, and still get through an entire workout of Muay Thai, your cardio's probably in good shape. From what I've read, and I've never been there, fighters in Thailand do 5-6 miles of running in the morning, 6 days a week, then do grueling workouts in the afternoon. They also weigh 120 lbs, so they probably aren't pounding on the joints as much.

9/17/2007 12:56pm,
I prefer jumping rope as it has significantly helped me be more mobile around the ring, light as a butterfly! That said, I think running is worth doing just for the sake of being able to run and wind-sprints are one of the best activities you can do for yourself.

I jump bare foot on grass or mats. It's also more fun when you move around quite a bit, visualize an invisible agility ladder(or draw one) and jump around it.

You run in the camps but I don't remember running 6 miles.

Teh El Macho
9/17/2007 1:23pm,
bitparity, you need to differentiate between just running (jogging) and sprinting or running up/down stairs.

Skipping can be turned into a HIIT exercise, just as sprinting is, plus it's much more convenient (specially if you have shitty weather.)

When done appropriately, skipping is as good as sprinting for HIIT. And when it comes to "cardio" for combat sports, HIIT >> jogging.

Goju - Joe
9/17/2007 1:56pm,
The fact that I hate jump rope more than running leads me to think jumping rope is harder.

40 minutes of jumping rope though is boring

9/17/2007 5:39pm,
40 minutes of running isn't?

At least with a rope, you aren't only training your heart as you are training your timing as well... Different footwork trains your mobility as well (side to side, forwards and backwards)... and with many different crosses and jumps, you will either get faster or get whipped up on, so I say go with that rope. As has been mentioned, it can also be used strictly for speed, but to do ONLY that is to cheat yourself.

40 minutes is good. I usually do 30 and then go onto something else. Sometimes I break it down into rounds, and see how many different types of "harder jumps" I can get in there without dying. But, when comparing the rope to running, I'd have to say that running is the most boring thing on earth, unless you are running with inspiration on that track (hot women).

That's my take on it.

9/17/2007 5:56pm,
I have the problem of being mercilessly uncoordinated, so I have a hard time jumproping at any decent speed.

Practice makes perfect though.

Eddie Hardon
9/18/2007 6:26am,
I learned to jump rope in a circuit class. I told the instructor that I had never done it in my life and couldn't. He urged to have a go and lo and behold, I could do it. Sadly, I also had a habit of tripping over it.

I bought a boxer's jump rope but I've been a lazy bast*rd and have rarely explored it. My loss, I know; I just prefer running over my local Park (Parliament Hill Fields/Hampstead Heath): undulating terrain, grass, mud, rain, sleet, cold, people gawping and wondering why I appear as though I'm about to collapse.....

If you can ever see any of the old pro boxers (Sugar Ray Robinson, Randy Turpin, Alan Minter) jump rope it is absolutely amazing. I just wish.....but as I tend to trip over it...running tends to be easier.

Goju - Joe
9/18/2007 8:33am,
Running is less boring if you run somewhere / go for a jog.

you can't really go for a nice "jump Rope" out by the beach on a beautiful day...

... or can you??


9/18/2007 9:39am,
I skip rope. It definitely is a skill you need to master, then you can get some cardio benefits out of it. I tend to do intervals: five minutes of skipping, then a minute rest, five minutes of double unders, then a minute rest, then back to skipping.

9/18/2007 9:41am,
I jump rope in the park in the morning, and it's about the same thing on a scale of "boring" or not, because there are always some bystanders at some point during the jumping to keep me "on my toes" so to speak. Even though I'm sweating like I just showered, I try to NEVER let anyone see me looking tired.

I tried rounds with weighted gloves on a couple of times, and couldn't keep up the facade for long.


9/18/2007 9:48am,
I skip rope. It definitely is a skill you need to master, then you can get some cardio benefits out of it. I tend to do intervals: five minutes of skipping, then a minute rest, five minutes of double unders, then a minute rest, then back to skipping.

5 minutes of double-unders sounds like a bitch. My hat is off to you, man.

I like to spice up my rounds with them... maybe 10 skips followed by 5-10 double-unders and repeat for rounds.

9/18/2007 11:01am,
I heard that 20 minutes of jumping should be enough. There is supposedly a greater chance of joint issues if you go over that. But that could be based on heavier people, so who knows? But you don't want to **** up your joints. I go see my aged mom in her Rehab for her broken arm, and you can see all the gnarled seniors in there. It's depressing. Take care of your joints, run on grass or get on the elliptical. Lifes short, I know, but it's more miserable with arthiritis.

9/18/2007 11:30am,
5 minutes of double-unders sounds like a bitch. My hat is off to you, man.

Yup. Took quite a while to get to that point. I got my rope in February, and I'm still skipping twice for that one burst of doubles.