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Teh El Macho
9/07/2007 4:47pm,


The main reason I decided to put this clip in the PT forums is because of what he says at mark 3:30. Knee flexibility, which IMO is completely ignored by most. Everyone thinks hips or hamstrings when it comes to flexibility. Knees, they don't even blip on the radar until they go pop.


9/07/2007 5:12pm,
I wish i could stretch like that. I have a groin strain in both sides now and can't seem to shift it. Stretching becomes too painful before i even get to the point of stretch.

Thanks for the vid

9/07/2007 8:44pm,
Sweet Jeebus! He pulls full lotus without using his hands and then puts his chest to his shins. Then, at the very end, he tops it off by going into full lotus from an upside down / tripod position. Very impressive.

9/07/2007 8:52pm,
great vid, is there any more continuation to this out there?

9/07/2007 9:11pm,
Indeed. I've always had a bit of trouble getting knee flexibility to take, and this guy just explained why. Thanks much for the useful clip.

9/07/2007 10:47pm,

Thank You for the vid!

Coach Josh
9/07/2007 11:32pm,
Yea we had that speech at the clinic in Houston. Good stuff. He fails to mention HIP flexibility which is what most of the stretches work.

9/08/2007 12:06am,
...And all this time, I thought his secret to flexibility was just smoking a lot of weed.

Great vid.

9/08/2007 12:14am,
Watching this reminded me of how flexible I was when I was competing in TKD, so I dropped down and did a quick check, I can still get into Lotus, but not without my hands anymore. I can get one foot behind my head, but not both anymore. I can get almost into a full split, but not quite. I have been neglecting my stretching since I quit TKD. shame on me. I've now decided to re-implement my TKD stretching routine.

9/08/2007 1:46pm,
Is there such a thing as too much flexibility? Sure for gymnastics and such it is great, but maybe it is a detriment in the long run. A physiotherapist friend of mine had this opinion. She said a lot of gymnasts and others with extreme flexibility often suffer joint instability later in life.

Just wondering if others have an opinion on this...

9/08/2007 2:49pm,
Yeah too much often results in joint laxity. It can be detrimental to strength and general health too as you could over extend a joint.

Thomas Kurz speaks about it in his book

Gypsy Jazz
9/08/2007 4:31pm,
Yeah too much often results in joint laxity. It can be detrimental to strength and general health too as you could over extend a joint.

Thomas Kurz speaks about it in his book

I have over-stretched ligaments in just about every joint, and it blows tremendously. Tendons remain tight, but joints remain unstable. It's all of the problems with none of the benefits. If you do sufficient strength/endurance training to protect joints along with flexibility exercises it shouldn't be much of an issue. Just don't push stretches beyond minor discomfort.

9/08/2007 4:43pm,
Hmmm... interesting topic. Actually the PT in question told me I might have problems later because I was more flexible than most. She was somewhat right, although I have lousy hip flexibility these days.

Actually, I think my flexibility helped save me from a broken wrist when snowboarding. I did the typical forward faceplant and forgot to make a fist as you should. I plunged wrist-first into fairly firm packed snow and my hand bent back almost to my forearm. I think that is the most common fracture, followed by clavicle from the same type of fall.

Teh El Macho
9/08/2007 4:51pm,
One of the things Pavel talks in his books (IIRC) is that flexibility training MUST go together with strenght training. It's worth noting that some of the most flexible class of athletes (namely ballet dancers and gymnasts) happen to be among the strongest as well.

9/08/2007 4:58pm,
The consensus at the time (mid-90's) had shifted to stretching *after* workout with just warmup before. That is still the consensus these days, right? I seem to recall this discussion here, but not sure.

Also, my PT friend suggested that I not stretch toooo much, due to my innate flexibility. I haven't trained BJJ, so rubber guard or anything like that is not part of the picture. Still, I think I could use a little more hip flexibility, I can't kick for ****. Too much time at the computer, plus a cycling background don't help.

Teh El Macho
9/08/2007 5:02pm,
great vid, is there any more continuation to this out there?

Nope I'm affraid. I have Bravo's new book (Mastering the Rubber Guard) where he devotes his first chapter to flexibility drills. If I get a chance, I may scan a few of them and post them. Or you should gloss over it at B&N over a cup of coffee. Pretty good read. :icon_thum