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Truculent Sheep
9/04/2007 7:42pm,
The nannies are after the cage fighters...


Brutal, no-holds-barred fighting should be banned, say doctors in Britain. The British Medical Association, which has campaigned since 1982 for a ban on boxing, has now turned its attention to extreme mixed martial arts. Doctors are not calling for a ban on sports such as karate, but instead want to see the end of "brutal" events like cage fighting...

...Dr Vivienne Nathanson, head of science and ethics at the BMA, said: "Ultimate fighting can be extremely brutal and has been described as 'human cockfighting'. It can cause traumatic brain injury, joint injuries and fractures. This kind of competition hardly constitutes a sport - the days of gladiator fights are over and we should not be looking to resurrect them. As doctors we cannot stand by while violent fighting tournaments are allowed to take place. Large amounts of money can be earned by participants, promoters and others linked to ultimate fighting, but no amount of money can compensate for permanent brain damage and premature death. As a civilised society we should be campaigning to outlaw these activities"...

...However, Paul Griffin, of the British National Martial Arts Association, who has members which take part in mixed martial arts, said: "The issue is being sensationalised. There are strict rules governing these fights and there is a good safety record. But the bottom line is that people have a choice over whether they take part, they should not be dictated to."

Two questions leap to mind: firstly, how much do Nathanson et al actually know about MMA? Secondly, and here's the clincher, what business is it of theirs to tell consenting adults what they can and can't do to themselves? Alas, Doctors are seen as seers and prophets in the UK, which is why such announcements are so worrying.

Lu Tze
9/04/2007 7:52pm,
The call for a ban on boxing came to nothing (so far), even after several very high profile deaths, I wouldn't worry too much.

9/04/2007 7:59pm,
But boxing is well-established in Britain (been done for centuries). MMA is a relative newcomer (decades at best).

Of course, they did ban fox hunting. And the death penalty. I guess traditions aren't exactly sacred across the pond...

I hate when influential people try to make problems out of things that they don't know anything about. Like illegal immigration. Or science. Or MMA.

Lu Tze
9/04/2007 8:18pm,
The death penalty and fox hunting are traditions in the same way fucking female circumcision and burkhas are traditions, what's your point?

We also went out of our way to erradicate that other time honoured tradition, slavery. Getting rid of traditions isn't always bad.

Boxing was very close to being banned not because it's 'brutal' and 'barbaric', but because several people died of brain injuries. This is sensationalist crap and it'll go nowhere, MMA's safety record speaks for itself.

Won Dom Fok
9/04/2007 8:24pm,
You'd think doctors would take all the injuries that they could get. Don't injuries and health issues keep them in business?:love7:

Vince Tortelli
9/04/2007 10:32pm,
I think we should enslave British doctors, circumsize the female ones, and execute any of the ones that protest.

9/04/2007 10:55pm,
You'd think doctors would take all the injuries that they could get. Don't injuries and health issues keep them in business?:love7:

Too right, what the **** are they whining about, orthopaedic surgery is a very lucrative game to be in, surely they want more punters not less?

As for the rest of that article, since the actual figures for head injuries in MMA (which is the only kind of injury worth worrying about) don't back up that bullshit, I wouldn't worry. There have been no deaths in the UFC since it began, whereas there are an average of 18 a year in boxing. And they haven't banned boxing.

9/04/2007 11:43pm,
So what's the good doctor's opinion on rugby?

Das Moose
9/05/2007 8:06am,
Hum. This is quite worrying, especially seeing as how an 8 man tournament due to be held in belfast was recently cancelled for extremely suspect reasons:


Offensive material found on a website promoting a martial arts event at St George's Market in Belfast prompted the decision to cancel it, Belfast City Council has said.

The council said the material was discovered after councillors raised concerns about the Last Man Standing event, due to be held at the indoor market on September 30.

Eight international fighters had been due to compete in the mixed martial arts event, with the winner awarded a 10,000 prize and the Last Man Standing title.

However, the organisers said they had met all Belfast City Council's requirements from the outset and had not been given a chance to rectify any problems raised at the weekend before the decision to cancel the event was made.

A council spokeswoman said: "Following on from concerns raised by councillors an investigation was carried out by council officers and offensive material was discovered on the website promoting the event.

"For that reason the council has decided to cancel this event which was due to be held at St George's Market."

Event manager Donal Kelly told the Belfast Telegraph the material referred to was an advertisement for Pitbull Clothing and a song by hip hop artist DMX which used the N-word.

"DMX is a well-known multi-million selling artist. If anybody listens to hip hop and r'n'b, it's a line in the song," he said.

"Instantly, without any chance to talk to us, the Director of Development pulled the venue out from under us."

The tournament involved a number of international title holders from Spain, Russia, Brazil and the UK, including World Kickboxing Champion WFA, Serjei Maslobojev.

Among the competitors was Belfast ju jitsu fighter Tim McCrory who has been in training for months, Mr Kelly said.

"This was hopefully his first chance to take part in an international tournament and he is devastated at having that opportunity taken away," Mr Kelly said.

"This was his opportunity to make his name on the international circuit and it was taken away at the 11th hour.

"This was the first event of its type ever to be held in Ireland. Our event was to be held in a ring and it's an international sports event that is not all about the razzmatazz and putting it in a cage."

Event organiser Roberto Gallo said he was shocked and disappointed at the " overreaction of certain Belfast City Council members" towards an international sporting event.

"I believe that a major mistake has been made and it is our intention to appeal this hasty decision."

9/05/2007 8:10am,
The death penalty and fox hunting are traditions in the same way fucking female circumcision and burkhas are traditions

No they aren't. Let's take it to sociocide.

9/05/2007 11:13am,
The reasons given for the proposed ban aren't something meaningful like "research shows that MMA is very dangerous, here's the stats...". The reasons have to do with the "brutality" and that it is *possible* to be injured.

Medicine is supposed to be based on solid research, not anecdotal evidence and casual observations. It looks like the medical association is looking to branch out into the "morality police".


9/05/2007 11:17am,
This wasn't a scientific statement, this was a small group of people with a particular socio-political point of view who happened to be medical doctors using their status to broadcast that point.

9/05/2007 11:25am,
Doctors and medical associations have long used these tactics, often to the detriment of public health. "OMG! If we don't do {x} NOW, then someones going to DIE!!!!"

Lu Tze
9/05/2007 1:45pm,
No they aren't. Let's take it to sociocide.Knock yourself out. I haven't got the energy to debate this rigourously, but I'm always interested in hearing other people's views.

I've even been known to have my mind changed occasionally, apparently I'm some kind of internet freak for that.

9/05/2007 2:44pm,
MMA is here to stay, those guys don't now what there talking about, I haven't heard of any brain damage yet in the MMA scene. Only a few broken bones, but that happens in all sports.

9/05/2007 5:21pm,
The same piece of pissant news was just on Newsnight for all of 5 seconds.
There are no grounds for banning MMA, but arsey local councils can put a stop to local events if they get a sniff of negative tabloid publicity. They did it down here in Brighton, Fucking red tape arsehole do-gooding suck-the-cock-of-Middle-England politicians. Wankers.