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9/04/2007 2:24pm,
Hi everyone, I am posting mostly to get rid of the message telling me I should make a post.
Anyways, I have been dicking around with boxing for a few years and have started learning some Japanese Jiu Jitsu for a little over a year. Its all fun, interesting and a good workout.
I still consider myself to be little more than in my infancy in learning these things and don't expect to do much but read and learn what i can around here. Its easier to learn when you shut up right?
My other physical endeavor is as a rugby coach at the university here in town. I have been playing the game and coaching for about 8 years and its a blast. I don't know if i am stepping out of line here for my first post but just to liven up my first post i thought maybe i would put down a few things i have learned from MA's and rugby since the world cup is nearly here.
A. Always train harder than the test, then the test will be easier (this goes for any aspect of life).
B. There are ways around being smaller or weaker, such as being smarter and faster, but big guys should be respected no matter how lame they are.
C. Raise your aggression up to the level where you can still make smart decisions, being afraid only gets you hurt.
D. Always check your ego, there is always someone who is bigger, smarter, faster and tougher than you and humility is the best way to avoid embarrasment or worse.

Anyway, those are just a few observations of many i have stumbled into and just thought i would open myself up to ridicule and playground namecalling(since this is the internet) or maybe even some actual abstract thought formulated into a real sentence.
The site is cool and highly informative, thanks for letting me in. Finally, since it is wing chun sucks month, i just thought i would serve up a meatball in case you guys are looking for a home run derby. Having studied a little wing chun, on my own as an add-on to boxing, by myself (i picked up a book or two and went so far as to build my own dummy) I came to the conclusion that it seems to work only well against wing chun and not against anything else, is too bogged down in tradition and the associated squabbles and that I don't like having to get in to the trapping range to do anything, hence i don't really do it much but i think there are valuable aspect to it just like everything else.
With that said, i do think that palm strikes are not completely useless. What if i want to hit something but not with my bones? If i trip and fall on my hands on the sidewalk chances are i will not get hurt like i would falling on my fists, correct? Second, if i was mounted on someone and decided to hit them, a good strategy for being there i think, what if i miss and used a fist? I think that would hurt worse than using the palm.

9/04/2007 2:26pm,
Welcome to Bullshido, the best Martial Arts forum on the entire Internet, tedk. Seriously, you won't regret your choice to join us. We're a great bunch of folks, except for Hannibal. And Sirc. And TaiGip. And MMA Kid. And... well, you get the point.

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